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Alantra IT Procurement & Purchasing Time Savings Success Story

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How international finance company Alantra made a 70% reduction in their IT procurement and purchasing processes plus got deliveries within 1-2 days on most of the IT products they need.

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Alantra IT Procurement & Purchasing Time Savings Success Story

  1. 1. KEY IMPACTS TIME SAVINGS OF 70+% ON IT PROCUREMENT AND PURCHASING PROCESSES MAJORITY OF DELIVERIES IN 1-2 DAYS 500,000+ UNIQUE IT PRODUCTS AVAILABLE • Simple international buyer role management system • Dedicated, proactive account management in local languages • Intuitive, user friendly and free onboarding • Consolidated billing GOALS & REQUIREMENTS • Wide choice of in-stock IT products • Quick delivery times (1-2 days) • Efficient order validation • Periodic consolidated invoicing by legal entity • Proactive account management & customer service • Local language and currency support in Alantra countries ALANTRA SUCCESS STORY Focused IT Procurement Efficiency Gains INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERVICES PROVIDER WITH 500+ EMPLOYEES ALANTRA.COM PARTNERSHIP TIME SAVING VISIONARIES Alantra is visionary in its field of excellence, financial services, and also in IT procurement. Quite rightly the IT team lead by Javier recognise that time savings are just as valuable as product price savings, perhaps even more so. It’s very satisfying to witness their ability to save so much time and reinvest that in other more strategic areas. I’m happy to say we already have a very strong collaboration in Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Greece and we hope to serve Alantra in more countries in the future. Miguel A. Fernandez Country Manager at Markit Spain
  2. 2. WWW.MARKIT.EU 2020 LET’S TALK Let us help you succeed. Streamline your IT purchasing process and reduce your total cost of purchase. Contact Juris Žagars Head of Regional Sales at Markit Phone: +371 6789 2834 E-mail: juris.zagars@markit.eu Contact Miguel A. Fernandez Country Manager at Markit Spain Phone: +34 608602717 E-mail: miguel.fernandez@markit.es TAKE THE CHASING OUT OF IT PURCHASING ABOUT MARKIT Markit is helping IT buyers save time and money by making IT purchasing simple and transparent. Since 2003, thousands of international companies, including 20% of the Forbes Global 2000, have been using the Markit online IT purchasing solution to manage, centralise and streamline their IT purchasing and reduce the Total Cost of Purchase for their IT hardware and device requirements. THE VALUE TO ALANTRA EXTENDING COLLABORATION Saving time to allow Alantra management to focus on higher business priorities has been our number one achievement. Additionally, we have secured delivery times on only 1-2 days on most of the IT products we need. For us, Markit is a welcome new disruptive platform for IT hardware and software purchases and process optimization which has allowed us to extend our collaboration to a growing number of Alantra countries. I see a very positive partnership development path ahead. Javier Fernández Head of IT ABOUT ALANTRA Alantra is a global alternative asset management, investment banking, and credit portfolio advisory firm focusing on providing high value-added services to companies, families, and investors operating in the mid-market segment. The Group has over 540 professionals across Europe, the US, Latin America, and Asia. In Alternative Asset Management, Alantra offers its clients unique access to a wide range of investment strategies (direct investments, fund of funds, co-investments, and secondaries) in six highly specialized asset management classes (private equity, active funds, private debt, infrastructure, real estate, and venture capital) as well as private wealth management services.