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Markit Fact Sheet

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Key Markit facts and figures
What we do and who we are.
Key numbers and other data from 2019.
All about Markit and how we are helping thousands of companies succeed in reducing the total cost of their IT purchasing in a way that’s simple, efficient, smart and secure.

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Markit Fact Sheet

  1. 1. 2020WWW.MARKIT.EU Markit provides IT purchasing solutions to international and fast-growing companies. Markit helps its clients succeed in reducing the total cost of their IT purchasing in a way that’s simple, efficient, smart and secure. Markit online IT procurement system allows companies to compare prices and delivery times for 3.4 million unique IT products (2020) sourced from the world’s leading IT distributors. Clients buy at competitive, transparent prices and, at the same time, significantly reduce the amount of time they spend on their IT purchasing processes. FACT SHEET MARKIT BY NUMBERS 132 Employees 9 500+ Active clients 35 Countries 2 000+ Loyal clients 325 IT distributors 400+ Forbes 2000 3.4 M Products in catalogue 12.5 % Avg. product price savings 2.65 days Average delivery time 91 % On-time delivery accuracy Functionality designed for the key needs of IT purchasing professionals. TOP 10 MARKIT FEATURES CENTRALISED IT E-PURCHASING PLATFORM FOR MULTIPLE COUNTRIES AND ENTITIES CUSTOMISABLE CATALOGUE OF 2.8 M IT PRODUCTS PARAMETRIC AND SMART SEARCH TOOLS LOCAL-TO-LOCAL AND CONSOLIDATED E-INVOICING OPTIONS REAL TIME PRICE, STOCK AND DELIVERY DATA COMPARISONS TRANSPARENT PRICE, PRODUCT, SUPPLIER AND PURCHASE HISTORY DATA PARAMETRIC SEARCH FILTERS FOR ECO-RATED PRODUCTS (e.g. TCO CERTIFIED & ENERGY STAR) SEAMLESS PUNCHOUT INTEGRATION (OCI OR CXML) WITH ARIBA, COUPA ETC. LOCAL LANGUAGE BUSINESS SUPPORT CUSTOMISABLE USER ROLES AND WORKFLOWS The Markit IT purchasing solution is a secure in- ternet based system that operates as stand-alone platform. It also integrates with all major ERP and procurement platforms for punchout integration. Markit releases new, and refines existing, features on a regular basis. Real-time marketplace for IT products with local to local deliveries in 35 countries Real transparent pricing with no hidden costs. Markit clients pay a small fixed percentage on top of the distributor price for IT purchases (open margin) or they can pay a flat monthly fee based on projected volumes (fixed fee). There are no additional costs: no fees for set up, licensing, integration (e.g. punchout or SRM), consultancy or proactive account management.
  2. 2. 2020WWW.MARKIT.EU TAKE THE CHASING OUT OF IT PURCHASING IT PURCHASING TRENDS B2B IT purchasing is exploding in scope. Product prices are continually dropping while the variety of models available for many products are increasing fast and new products are coming to market every day. This in turn requires new levels of efficiency from the purchasing teams. In 2007 our clients ordered 11,366 distinct IT products. Jump forward 13 years and the number has risen to 310,092. That’s an increase of over 2 700 %. It is essential that B2B IT vendors make it quick and easy for their clients to buy from their online catalogues. CLIENTS More than 20% of the Forbes Global 2000 companies use Markit in their IT purchasing. Clients of all industries include the likes of ABB, Danfoss, Continental, AGA (Linde AG), Coca-Cola, Ericsson, MetLife, Roche, Sanofi, SEB, Johnson & Johnson, Rezidor/Radisson, Tieto, Schott, Siemens, Skype, Telenor, TIKTOK and many more. COMPANY PERFORMANCE Since 2003, Markit has grown from helping a small number of businesses in Estonia to working with 9 500+ clients in 35 countries in 2020. 2019 revenue for Markit reached 111.9 million euros with 110 employees. Our annual RPE (revenue per employee) of more than one million euros denotes a highly productive team. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Read our insights and articles on the Markit blog Check the latest Markit news on LinkedIn Explore more on the Markit website Read client success stories Markit website Get in touch and let’s talk! Dramatic decrease of IT products prices LAPTOP DESKTOP LCD SCREEN LASER PRINTER TOTAL BASKET 2007 2019 1 318 EUR 799 EUR 111. 42.5 51.0 63.4 79.2 93.4 111.7 111.9 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 REVENUE million euros MARGUS VAHEMÄE Head Of Sales, Markit Phone: +372 666 9905 Email: margus.vahemae@markit.eu Markit Holding AS Jalgpalli 1, Tallinn 11312 Estonia 472 EUR 331 EUR 156 EUR 136 EUR 214 EUR 160 EUR 2 158 EUR 1 426 EUR Data from Markit: TOP3 products in category for B2B client purchased in a year by quantity / average price.