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Francois Fortun, Premier Farnell, IoT Forum 2016, Scale Hardware Products

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Francois Fortun, Premier Farnell, IoT Forum 2016, Low Cost Fast-to-Market Paths to Scale Hardware Products

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Francois Fortun, Premier Farnell, IoT Forum 2016, Scale Hardware Products

  1. 1. Supplier Confidential Low-Cost, Fast-to-Market Paths to Scale Hardware Products Francois Fortun, Sales Director Premier Farnell
  2. 2. Agenda Challenges for IOT solutions Hardware Solutions Premier Farnell Design and Manufacturing Services Projects Milestones Q & A / Wrap-up 2
  3. 3. 3 Challenges for IOT solutions Added Value and differentiation is in Software and Services Hardware to support the solution is needed but is typically not strategic for key players in the IOT space . Need underlying Hardware for IOT Gateway and for IOT nodes with totally different architectures. Hardware Platform for IOT Gateway should be low cost, very open, scalable and easy to upgrade. Time to market is key in today’s IOT industry Minimal cost is typically devoted to Hardware Both as unit price for the solution but also as upfront investment
  4. 4. 4 Single Board Computer Pros : Single board approach with aggregated high volume for many customers Cons : specifications typically matching 80% of needs Approaches for solving Hardware Paradigm of the IOT Gateway SOM + Carrier Board Pros : Leveraging off the shelves products with minimal custom design Cons : mechanical constraints and average cost optimization Full Turnkey Design Pros : taking into consideration requirements from beginning of the design Cons : Long , High risk and Expensive
  5. 5. 5 Customized Single Board Computer Leverage the best of every model * Low cost because of high volume achieved via multiple customers * Matching 100% of your technical needs as custom solution * Open source to benefit from content available via community sites
  6. 6. 6 3 main Single Board Computer platforms open for customization BBB (TI OMAP) PI (Broadcom) RIOT (NXP i.MX based)
  7. 7. We can support customers with design and manufacturing services. 7 Design resources Our experts can help you with cost outs, redesigns, feature upgrades, marketing prototypes, concept development, and more! Adding features or functionality We can upgrade your design with wireless connectivity (BT, WiFi, 802.15.4, ISM), HMI/display, SMPS design, wireless power, battery charging, variable speed motor control, IoT enablement, and more! Industrializing prototypes If you’ve developed an application based on a Single Board Computer or other semiconductor module or SOM, we’ll help make it production-ready. We can customize an existing platform or deliver production-ready enclosures.
  8. 8. 8 Typical Projects Timescales Specification Definition + contract : 3 Weeks typ Design Changes + prototypes : 12 Weeks typ Mass Production manufacturing : 12 Weeks typ Contact Us : picustomization@element14.com or designengineering@element14.com
  9. 9. Thank you. 9