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U Crate 200 presentation by UPakWeShip

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A great self loading crate for boxes and larger items like beds and sofas when moving overseas. With this U Crate 200 its a lump sum price, whatever you can get to fit in there all the way to your door overseas. visit UPakWeShip.com for all your moving needs if you are thinking about an International Move

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U Crate 200 presentation by UPakWeShip

  1. 1. UPakWeShip Presents the adventures of a 200 cubic foot to door U Crate service If It Fits It Ships For One Low Price
  2. 2. Contents We ship the U Crate to your nearest UPakWeShip terminal. (We have 83 of them so we probably have one near you) You bring your things to the terminal You load everything in your own time into the U Crate Once loaded, and secured we will truck the U Crate to our shipping terminals in New York, Charleston or Los Angeles We Load it into a shipping container Ship it to the destination port Clear it through customs Truck the U Crate 200 to your residence and unload contents into your residence or unload the contents of the U Crate into a moving van and then deliver contents from the moving van to your residence. All for one lump sum price. Would you like to see some pictures? NOTE: U Crate 200’s are too big to be loaded and collected at your home. If you need to load at your residence, ask for a discount price on shipping 2 x U Crate 100’s
  3. 3. Hello I am Mark Nash the owner of UPakWeShip and hope you enjoy this presentation. As they say a picture is worth 1000 words, so hopefully you will get a much better idea of the U Crate service after watching this. Some of the pictures are taken by our customers and our staff so they are not all professional perfect posing photos but more of a hands on this is how its going to happen deal. I hope you like it and please email or call me with any questions. Cheers & Happy Packing Mark Nash 1 866 868 6386 or 843 225 7217 move@upakweship.com
  4. 4. Advantages of The U Crate 200 Obviously having all your items loaded in one crate is going to give them better protection from handling as well as security. The U Crates are also great for protecting items that will not fit in a box. It allows you to bring that coffee table or book case as well as all those boxes. It also gives great protection for any fragile items. The U Crate is big enough to take your sofa and bed! Just in case you are wondering, the differences between the U Crate 100 and The U Crate 200. The U Crate 100 gets sent to your home for loading whereas the U Crate 200 has to load at our terminal due to the size of it. Also at destination, the U Crate 100 in Europe gets delivered to your driveway or garage where as the U Crate 200 contents get unloaded into a moving van and delivered into your residence. If you just have a lot of boxes I suggest going door to door with 2 x U Crate 100’s but if you want to ship a large mattress, bed or sofa, then a U Crate 200 is best. If you want, you can collect the U Crate 200 from our terminal in a hire truck, load it at home on the truck and bring it back to us the same on next day.
  5. 5. The U Crate 200 External Dims: 87" (L) x 47" (W) x 87" (H) Internal Dims: 83.75" (L) x 44.75" (W) x 81" (H) Weight: 165 lbs. empty Weight it can carry: 2000 lbs. But max we allow is 1500 lbs for normal pricing Volume: 200 cubic feet Usable volume: 176 cubic feet Strength: 2,000 lb. double wall corrugated sleeves rest between heat treated wood pallet and cardboard bottom and top lid. Cross-Core Laminated Corrugated ISPM-15 Int'l Crate. Assembly: pallet with 2 sides, plus bottom tray and lid. 4 nylon straps and tape provided. Load through barn doors at end. All for one lump sum price. The U Crates are made in Connecticut and shipped out flat packed and shrink wrapped by truck to each of our terminals after we receive your order. It can take up to a week to get there from when you placed the order online. Watch our you tube video to see how to put it together. Sometimes we have wooden U Crate 200’s available at the terminals that you can use for the same price.
  6. 6. Home Delivery If you want you can take the U Crate 200 home to load, we have a forklift at all the terminals so we can load it and unload it from you when you return. Just bear in mind we need to get the forklift blades under the crate to lift it so if the pallet positions are blocked by your truck’s body lay a 4x4 under the U Crate before loading so that we can slide the forklift underneath. Obviously do not leave the U Crate outside to get wet or even damp!
  7. 7. At the terminal Report to the terminal office and they will show you where to go to safely load the U Crate. Start filling up with heavy stuff at the bottom. Make it all snug and tight and fit together like a completed jigsaw puzzle. Make sure everything has a label on it. You can download labels from our web site or we can email them to you. Come and visit us in Charleston SC and save big bucks by loading your U Crate 200 at our terminal here. See sample rates here
  8. 8. The U Crate gets trucked to one of our main shipping terminals in New York, Charleston or Los Angeles. It gets loaded into a shipping container and trucked to the port. Leave the rest to us!
  9. 9. All Aboard! The container is then loaded on the ship and she sails to the destination port. When the ship arrives we offload the container and take it to our local customs bonded terminal. Crane driver loading containers onto a vessel
  10. 10. Once the container is offloaded we arrange to get it cleared through customs. Most small shipments heading to EC Countries are cleared through customs at our own terminal in England. There are then no further customs procedures while transporting to the delivery point. If traveling to Australia we normally send everything first into Sydney for customs clearance and then deliver out across Australia from there. For shipments going to Australia as well as customs there is a quarantine inspection (AQIS) where they check for prohibited items like food products, untreated wood, animal products, dirt and insects. There is a similar random inspection policy in New Zealand called MAF as its carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. As these charges vary we do not include them in our quotation and you will be asked to pay this locally in country before delivery. Customs Clearance
  11. 11. Then its ready for delivery Once its cleared customs we will call you and arrange a date for the delivery. Some of the trucks can not carry the large crates so sometimes your items might be loaded direct onto the moving van leaving the U Crate behind at the depot. The delivery crew will bring everything into your new home ground floor level. To avoid any extra charges, your residence must be accessible for large moving trucks
  12. 12. Marks Quick Tips Make sure everything in the U Crate has one of our labels on it showing your name and booking number on it. Make sure everything in the U Crate is in a box, plastic tote, Rubbermaid box, suitcase or trunk or wrapped & taped up well in bubble wrap and cardboard or moving blankets. A bike takes up less room and its easier to stack other things around it if you put it in a bike box. You can normally get these free from a bike shop. It might mean taking off the pedals and front wheel though. Do not include any food, human or for pets in your shipment. Any alcohol or tobacco products will probably be charged duties and taxes and will end up costing more than if you bought them locally Do not ship any liquids in case they leak over other things in your shipment. Watch our other UPakWeShip Presentations at Upak TV to learn more on our services, “how to” series and previous customers moves.
  13. 13. Most Importantly Do not book with an unlicensed Mover, Freight Forwarder or Shipping Company. There are many rogues in this business who will take your shipment and hold it hostage for more money. If you use an FMC approved company you have protection through the Government’s Federal Maritime Commission. We have large financial bonds in place and strict licensing rules to keep us in check and for your consumer protection. With an unlicensed company you have no protection and the FMC will not be able to help you sort things out if things went bad. Get all inclusive Pricing If you would like to book with UPakWeShip please click here. UPakWeShip FMC Licensed & Bonded #020099NF
  14. 14. So To Recap the U Crate 200 UPakWeShip FMC Licensed & Bonded #020099NF Whatever Fits Ships, for one lump sum price. It is a terminal to door all inclusive price. It offers the very best in protection for all your items and keeps them all together reducing risk of any accidental loss. Large items like sofas, beds, mattresses, other furniture, and bikes can be wrapped & loaded into the U Crate 200. Pretty Cool eh? Ask for a discount if you would like to ship multiple U Crates.
  15. 15. Established since 1988. Offices in USA & Europe giving total control Door to Door. Licensed and Bonded with Federal Maritime Commission. Very honest knowledgeable staff to answer all your questions and make you relocation stress free. Best all inclusive prices guaranteed. The Best 5 star reviews in the business! Part of The EUROGROUP The U Crate Advantage.
  16. 16. The End