W2C Briefing 20100914

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Summary presentation to JISC-CETIS workshop for projects in the Distributed VLE programme. Our W2C project will demonstrate and evaluate the potential of Widgets, institutional Web-services and Cloud-hosted services for delivering Manchester Metropolitan University’s vision of convenient, integrated and extensible learning systems.

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W2C Briefing 20100914

  1. 1. Monday, September 13, 2010<br />1<br />W2C: Widgets, Web- & Cloud-servicescontext | benefits | technologies | help<br />Professor Mark Stubbs<br />Head of Learning & Research Technologies<br />m.stubbs@mmu.ac.uk | http://twitter.com/thestubbs<br />W2C Project Bloghttp://lrt.mmu.ac.uk/w2c<br />
  2. 2. w2c | context<br />Institutional-level test bed for Widgets, Web + Cloud-services in context of institutional transformation<br />EQAL: new curriculum, new systems, new processes<br />Strand 1: new curriculum framework<br />Strand 2: new admin systems & business processes<br />Strand 3: seamless student access<br />new VLE + enhanced Portal (inc. Mobile) + staff dev<br />Strand 4: revised QA / QE<br />http://www.blogs.mmu.ac.uk/eqal<br />
  3. 3. w2c | benefits<br />B1: enhance capability of our VLE<br />B2: enhance user satisfaction of learning systems<br />B3: heighten awareness of engagement & success<br />B4: facilitate discovery of learning resources<br />B5: accelerate community of practice for widgets.edu<br />B6: improve information available to others like us<br />http://lrt.mmu.ac.uk/w2c<br />
  4. 4. w2c | technologies<br />.NET WCF REST<br />Mobile<br />SharePoint<br />apis.mmu<br />Widgets<br />WebParts<br />WebServices<br />getPcAvailability<br />getHandIns<br />Moodle<br />CampusM<br />Widgets<br />getEnrolments<br />WebServices<br />WebServices<br />getVleNews<br />getVleUsage<br />Mobile<br />Talis Aspire<br />...<br />Native Apps<br />WebServices<br />iPhone, Android, Blackberry<br />Hosted SharedServices<br />Agresso<br />Scientia<br />SAP<br />
  5. 5. w2c | help<br />Please can we have a reference widget that<br />Collects from a Moodle container <br />the authenticated user ID<br />the course ID of the current context<br />Calls a dummy web-service with user & context ID<br />Stores securely a secret word for generating tokens for calling a private web-service<br />