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Children's Play Reflections 2

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Children's Play Reflections 2

  1. 1. RehearsalDecember 8, 2011Marley EmerichStrengths Today we got a lot done. We did normal practices with the kids,which were basically the same as last rehearsals. But that was theproblem, they had improved in line memorization, loudness, andawareness of creating a setting but their acting was still them reading off apaper. While Diane practiced the play and played games with the kids Itook each kid individually and talked to them about acting. Two of the kidstold me (Hanson and Jr.) that they never watched TV, movies, or a play sogetting them familiar with acting was difficult. I went through someexercises with them and then went through each one of their lines withtheir new “knowledge” I saw a big improvement in their acting becausethey now knew what they were doing. I also did this with Annie but shedidn’t have much trouble to begin with. Kazuki also did this but with Dianebecause of the language barrier between him and me. We made a lot ofprogress today!Weaknesses Besides the fact that the children’s acting needed to be improved Iknew this was our best day and I didn’t really have any other problems.The kids did get a little crazy every once and a while and we did have sometrouble with Kazuki reading the script and being loud. English is alanguage that he’s not very good at yet but he has showed immenseimprovement on that level.Feedback/Improvements Mrs. Rankin gave us a lot of feedback on what to do for costumes. Shetold us not to make it simple and boring and just to t-shirts and jeansbecause cool costumes that go with the play or character will do a lotbetter then just plain old clothes. She also recommended we send thescripts home with the kids so they could memorize their lines. Next time I
  2. 2. will ask the kids what kind of costumes they own so we can get a good ideaof what we can use. I will also try to focus a little more on Kazuki toimprove his performance.Big Changes - Thursday January 5, 2012Marley EmerichStrengths Today we got a lot done. It was the first practice after a two-week holiday so I was a bit nervous that they forgot everything. Butsurprisingly, two out of four of our kids knew their lines completely. Thishelped a lot because it didn’t slow down our rehearsal as much becausesome of this kids weren’t looking at their scripts all the time. I did verywell in directing them today. We had the stage for 10 minutes so we usedthat time to block our scenes which was a very important thing we neededto get done. After we got that done we made the kids practice the play as ifthey were really performing it. Leaving and entering the scenes as well asmoving around on the stage really helped them grasp the setting, whichhelped their acting immensely. After we got off stage we finalized costumeideas and practiced the blocked play around tables outside.Weaknesses This day went very well. I didn’t really have any weaknesses becauseDiane, the kids, and I are comfortable with each other and know what weare expecting them to do. They are now aware of how this is supposed tolook so they aren’t confused (besides Kazuki who is still having sometrouble). However we found out that our main character Annie wont behere for the play so either Diane or me will have to fill in for her and onlyone of us will be able to change the scenes. It’s going to be hard work.
  3. 3. Last rehearsal before 1st performanceJanuary 12, 2012Marley EmerichStrengths – Today we practiced on the stage and adjusted the lights so during theperformance we knew what lights to use. I was the one who picked thelights and decided the ques. This was a very difficult and important jobbecause the lighting can really help a performance or it could really bringit down. For the 10 minutes we had, I tested out and wrote down all thelights we were using and when, and later filled out a Lighting Cue sheet sowhen we actually performed, I could easily move the lights to where Ineeded. We also decided on music for in between scenes. Today was ourlast practice and I felt that we got a lot done. We practiced over and overagain until we felt that they were ok.Weaknesses – My weaknesses this class was that I was probably a little tired ofgoing over the same play. They were too. So in all honesty I wasn’t asenergetic or determined to get things done as I used to be. I felt that if wehad rehearsed more I’d feel a little bit better about performing this. I letthem run a little wild that day, playing too much and getting off track. Nobody really took this practice super seriously, which we probably shouldhave.