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Aim World Marketing Plan

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The Ways to earn in AIM World Online Division of AIM Global. What being discussed here is the Marketing Plan of AIM World. If you want more details about this opportunity visit our website http://www.aimworldsite.com for more details.

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Aim World Marketing Plan

  1. 1. AIM World Marketing Plan Earn 6 figure income at AIM WORLD
  2. 2. What is AIM WORLD? AIM World is an Online Division of AIM GLOBAL. Hitting The Worldwide Market. Open in 200 Countries Door to Door Delivery Presentation by: aimworldsite.com
  3. 3. RETAILING Presentation by: aimworldsite.com Once you become a member ofAIM World, you automatically are entitled to have a lifetime discount of 25% on all products. That means that you can retail or sell products and have a 25% profit when you sell it in the Retail Price. Here is an example computation for you. iProtect 24/7 sachet DP: $36 CareLeaf pack SRP: $40 DP: $30 This means that you could earn $14 for every iProtect 24/7 sold and $10 for every CareLeaf sold. This is just a bonus way to earn. Earning Millions is through referring of people or building a network.
  4. 4. Direct Referral Bonus Presentation by: aimworldsite.com Earn $25 for every package sold. Meaning when your friend joined your business by means of buying also a registration package, you automatically earn a commission. Refer as many people as you can and get paid for $25 each. If your friend bought EMERALDpackage, your earning is $75. If DIAMOND package , your earning is is $125 . Emerald and Diamond package is for customers in US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
  5. 5. Matched Sales Bonus Presentation by: aimworldsite.com Just like AIM Global, you will have two sales group. The left sales group and the right sales group. Each Package is equivalent to 1200 binary points. For every 1200 binary points on your left sales group that matches with 1200 binary points on the right sales group, you will earn a match sales bonus of $33. This means that for every AIM World Package sold on your left sales group that matches with another AIM World Global Package on your right sales group, you will earn $33, regardless of who sold the package, as long as they are under your organization. This is the fastest way to earn here in AIM World. Since we are pairing points ,you can earn when: ● Pairing AIM World Package (1200 points) to Global Package (1200 points) ● Pairing Global Package (1200 points) to Products (accumulated 1200 points) ● Pairing Products (accumulated 1200 points) to Products (accumulated 1200 points)
  6. 6. Unilevel Bonus Presentation by: aimworldsite.com You will get additional 10%unilevel bonus from the product reorders for each of your directly sponsored downline and5% unilevel bonus from the second level up to the 10th level. A maintenance of 0.3334 positional points from the previous month is required to earn from this.
  7. 7. Stair Step Bonus ● If you purchased the Emerald and Diamond Global Package, you will get additional accounts (re-entry) which will be added directly below your first account as you earn more stair-step points and gets promoted. ● AIM Global members who purchased the AIM World NPP will never be demoted. Your rank in AIM Global will be the same as your rank in AIM World. Once you become a member of AIM World, you will start as a Distributor. If you and your team accumulated 10 positional points by buying AIM World products (remember, each product has points!), you will be promoted to Silver Executive. Once you are promoted as Silver Executive, you will get an additional 10% overriding commission to all the products purchased and AIM World Global Packages under your organization. If you accumulate 100 points, you will be promoted as Gold Executive. You will now earn additional 20% commission from all the distributors’ sales under your team and 10% commission from all the Silver Executive. Earn 1000 positional points and you will be promoted as Global Ambassador. As a Global Ambassador, you will get 10% commissions from all Gold Executive, 20% commission from all Silver Executive and 30% commission from all Distributors under your team up to infinity!
  8. 8. Stair Step Points Presentation by: aimworldsite.com Unlike AIM Global, you will have Stair- steps commission even on AIM World Global Package! This is another improvement to the marketing plan! Computations of commissions will be done on thestairsteps commissional points of each product or Global Package (AIM World Sapphire Global Package has stairstep points of $45). On the example as shown on the image above, a Global Ambassador can earn $15/GP from the sale of his Distributor’s downlines. A maintenance of 0.3334 positional points from the previous month is required to earn from this. More commission for EMERALD Global packages and DIAMOND Global Package.
  9. 9. Royalty Bonus Presentation by: aimworldsite.com Once you become a Global Ambassador, you will still earn2% from all the Global Ambassador under your team up to 5th level. This system was made to push up promotion. Once someone under your team was promoted as a Global Ambassador, you will automatically be pushed up and become a Global Ambassador too! And you will earn 2%commission! We also have Travel Incentives: US Trip, Europe Trip, Asian Cruise Trip, Hong Kong Trip, Korea Trip, etc. The company also provides Profit Sharing to all the qualifiers.
  10. 10. END OF PRESENTATION Presentation by: aimworldsite.com Helpful links for you : ● Marketing Plan of AIM World ● Products of AIM World ● Go to AIM World Shop