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  1. 1. SHIFTING TO AN IDEA LABTHE NEW MODEL FOR TECH LABS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Marsha Harris Instructional Technology Specialist Trinity School
  2. 2. BACKCHANNELhttp://todaysmeet.com/idealabuse the live stream to make comments,ask questions, and use that feedback totailor the presentation, and addressaudience needs.
  3. 3. ABOUT TRINITY3’s-6th Grade625 StudentsMac Platform1:1 Laptop program 5th and 6thGrades1 Cart of iPad/GradeiPads and e-Readers in MediaCenterTech Lab for 1st-4th and supportfor 5th and 6th
  4. 4. 100 YEARS AGO 100 years of education reform... What has changed? What still looks the same?
  5. 5. TRADITIONAL EDUCATION What looks different? Who’s still in charge? Classrooms still continue to function like a sealed box.
  6. 6. THEPhysical Space CHANGE The Old Space
  7. 7. Furniture Location
  8. 8. COLLABORATIVE SPACE Huddle Areas
  9. 9. THE CHANGE Teaching MethodologyLots of talk about thetechnology, but little changewith how we teach with thetechnology.Our tech lab isn’t just aroom that housestechnology, it’s a spacewhere people cometogether, create and learn.Students have theopportunity to see theirteachers learn beside them.Students have theopportunity to teach theirteachers, to solve problemsand to become leaders.
  10. 10. WHAT TEACHERS FEAR How do we get teachers to WANT to come? What are the teachers SAYING? How do we get teachers to WANT to use technology? Is there more confidence from the younger native generation?
  11. 11. IDEA WALLidea painthow do we use it as acollaborative space?how does it changeinstruction?
  12. 12. THE IDEA WALL Idea PaintHow does something simple like this change the way we teach?
  13. 13. THE IDEA WALL 1st Grade Human Body Unit
  14. 14. THE IDEA WALL5th Grade Digital 4th Grade Branches ofCitizenship Lesson Government Lesson
  15. 15. INSTRUCTIONHow has it changed the way that I teach?
  16. 16. COLLABORATION AND INTEGRATIONCommunication with TeachersGrade-level MeetingsCulminating Projects and Team BuildingOpportunitiesNew Technology and Ideas for IntegrationWe provide the framework...students drive the contentRelevant modeling of tools, methods for furtherintegration