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5 Types Of Business Translation Services

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Know what business types constantly require translation services. You could be one of them. Be the trend setter in your industry and bring the change!

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5 Types Of Business Translation Services

  1. 1. 5 Types of Business Translation Services MarsTranslation.com
  2. 2. The current market condition is proving to be a boom for translation service industry. Many businesses are expanding their horizons and generating more revenue. Although, every company and type of business can take advantage of these services, but there are some businesses who get to have special services from translation companies!
  3. 3. This is because these business types bring huge projects, and they frequently require translation services. Also, these are vast categories and many industries and businesses fall under it. These translation services include:
  4. 4. Technical Translation Service: Technical translation services can be taken in many ways. Any translation that requires knowledge and usage of special terminology can be taken as technical services. However, for the translation companies, technical translation services also includes translations for specific technical industries like IT, engineering, mechanics, etc., and also includes translations of documents like user manuals, financial reports, medical leaflets etc.
  5. 5. Legal and Judicial Translation Service: This is another service that takes specialists and experts to give a quality translation. As the names imply, these services will include anything that is related to the law or judicial documentation. The judicial translation is very different from legal translations, but as they fall under the same category, they are often mistaken to be same. The legal translation could be of any documents like warrants, registrations, certification, etc. The Judicial documents will be court proceedings, trials, judgments, expert opinions etc.
  6. 6. Juridical Translation Services: Again, this is a service that is often mistaken as a legal, but when it comes to translation it has a different terms in different languages. These services cater decrees, regulations, partnership agreements, contracts, insurance policies and bail insurances. The translators for such services need to have proven experience and a strong background. They must have a legal background and training, in addition to their translation training.
  7. 7. Literary Translation Services: Literary translation services are not everyone’s cup of tea. These services require a different set of skills than general translations. Not everyone can become a literary translator. First of all, they need to have right command over language, they need to have the flair that will convey the same message in the other language. They have to copy the style of the writer and make it seamless.
  8. 8. Financial and Economic Translation Services: Although different at first, these services use almost the same terms and tools. These services a certain level of education and training before a translator can start translating in this service. Financial and economic services also have the most stringent tests and evaluations.
  9. 9. These 5 services bring the most business to the translation world. If a translator is certified in this service, he can earn great money if he is good at it.