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Property brief on solana, cagayan

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Property brief on solana, cagayan

  1. 1. Executive Brief on the 1,400 hectare property in Solana, Cagayan Prepared by: TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. Email: tierradeoro@ymail.com
  2. 2. Location of the Property The property has an area size of 14,020,980 square meters (1,402 hectares) spanning through two municipalities: Solana and Enrile in the province of Cagayan situated in the northeastern corner of the island of Luzon. Solana, where the bulk of the property is located, is virtually a suburb of Tuguegarao - the largest city and the capital of Cagayan province. The town of Solana has benefited greatly from this close proximity to Tuguegarao. The property is less than a kilometer away from Tuguegarao City and only 300 meters from the bridge dividing Solana and Tuguegarao – built over the mighty Cagayan River which is the longest river in the country.
  3. 3. Demography Solana is a second class municipality with a population of 190,000, while Enrile is a fourth class municipality with a population of over 80,000 people. Tuguegarao City, just across the bridge from the property, has a growing population of 370,000 and is the center for business, trade and education. Given its role as the seat of the provincial and regional government, the city is the hub of commercial, institutional and socio-economic developments in the Cagayan Valley and all of Northeastern Luzon region. Tuguegarao’s economic activities have since expanded to include tourism, agribusiness, trading, manufacturing and exporting finished products. Tuguegarao City is considered to be the University Capital of Region 2 because of the 25 universities and colleges that reside in it - producing pools of well-educated workers every year. Labor and power costs in the area are lower than in Manila and National Capital Region.
  4. 4. Within the past three decades, the city’s economy gradually shifted from agriculture to secondary/tertiary economic activities such as trading, commerce and services. Financing, insurance, real estate firms and 31 banks are operating in Tuguegarao. Woodcraft and furniture made of hardwoods, rattan, bamboo, and other indigenous materials has become an important industry employing homegrown artisans and skilled craftsmen. Trade and service establishments together with industrial and tourism- related activities are expanding in the area. On the average, about 150 additional business establishments are registered in the city every year reflecting an average increase of 7.83%.
  5. 5. The airport will be built to support the Cagayan Special Economic Zone in northern Cagayan, which currently channels international seaborne cargo traffic through nearby Port Irene. The airport project will involve the construction of a 2,200-meter runway with a width of 45 meters, following the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization. The city also serves as a vital transportation and communication hub which makes the property in Solana easily reachable via buses en route to Manila, Port Irene, Baggao, Aparri, and Santiago City. The Tuguegarao City Domestic Airport is a modern facility at 21 meters or 69 feet above sea level and is capable of servicing a 737 jet plane. Small aircrafts, helicopters and army cargo planes also utilize the airport. Cebu Pacific, Sky Pasada and Air Philippines are the domestic airline companies which provide daily flights to and from the city. Strategic Location : easeof access The Northern Cagayan International Airport is a planned airport to be built in Lal-lo, Cagayan which is about 50 kms north of Solana passing thru the Cagayan- Apayao road. Lal-lo Airport Solana Photo of airplane taking off at Tuguegarao Airport’’s runway
  6. 6. Part of the Solana portion of the property is adjacent to the Cagayan-Apayao National Highway. While on the southern side of the property, another road connects the estate to the Enrile town proper. There is a 10-meter wide barangay road that traverses thru-out the entire property. The land is mostly flat and is currently under-utilized for agriculture. Around 200 hectares are planted to rice and sugar cane. Cagayan-Apayao National Highway in Solana
  7. 7. Development Potentials Agro-Industrial Complex Eco-Zones and Manufacturing Facilities Residential Townships and Educational Institutions Business Parks and CommercialCenters The recent investment grading given by major international agencies to the Philippines is expected to drive inflow of economic activities. The size, topography and location of the property, plus the timing of the investment upgrade, makes the property ideal for various projects such as : Tourism and Leisure Resorts
  8. 8. With the growing population of Tuguegarao and its surrounding region, the demand for housing is also increasing. With the size of the property, new eco- zones and business parks can be built, and with the presence of industrial development, various residential and other commercial developments will soon follow. Another ideal investment in the property is a Wind Farm project. Utilizing a free and inexhaustible source of clean renewable energy, this project is wholly complementary to sustaining growth and development. Land between the turbines can still be used for agricultural, tourism and other purposes. As a general rule, economic wind generators require wind speeds of 16 km/h or greater. Solana is a perfect location for its near constant flow of non-turbulent winds throughout the year with easy access to nearby transmission lines and a growing local demand. In fact, the province of Cagayan is the site of two wind farm projects which will be operational in 2015 aimed at generating up to 80 megawatts of wind energy for the region. Based on the current agricultural zonal classification, the land can be acquired at a very good price. This can have a very large upside potential for investors within the next 5 years as developments in the area continues to grow. The development of new eco- zones in the area will boost employment and income, resulting in an increased demand for residential and commercial projects.
  9. 9. The property is legally titled under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, and all inquiries/negotiations may be coursed thru it’s consultants – Tierra De Oro Realty & Development Co., Inc. (email: tierradeoro@ymail.com) or Mr. E.L. Salas (email: elsalas522@yahoo.com). The property is open for sale, lease, joint venture or other forms cooperative agreements , partially or fully. The seemingly endless possibilities on the property make it an ideal project for foreign investors or conglomerates who can handle large-scale developments or multiple projects. The size of the property can answer business and food security concerns of interested companies, institutions and/or agro-industrial investment funds. Status of the property