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Radio Script writing and Broadcasting

Campous Journalism

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Radio Script writing and Broadcasting

  1. 1. -Mary Queen T. Bernardo-
  2. 2. The Radio Script refers to the written material, which indicates the verbal and non-verbal action that has to go into a radio program. It tells us what to do and say and when and how.
  3. 3. • To ensure technical accuracy of information • To ensure continuity of program • To maximize airtime
  4. 4. 1. News Script 2. Interview Script 3. Spot/Plugs 4. Drama Script 5. Magazine Program Script 6. The Documentary Script
  5. 5. Things to Remember in Radio Scriptwriting • Double or triple space-typewrite all lines and paragraphs. • Type copy in big letter so the newscaster can easily read it. • All spoken lines should be typed in big and small letters. • All instructions and non-spoken lines should be typed in big or capital letters.
  6. 6. • Have a duplicate of each copy. • Make each sentence a paragraph. • Write a page number on each script. • End each page with a paragraph before using another paper. • Make your script clean. • Mark “x” for erroneous word.
  7. 7. • Make the script short and simple. • Do not use words which are hard to pronounce. • Don’t text-write. • Each sentence should not exceed 12 words. Break down long sentences for easy readability. • Attribute the source of your story either at the beginning or at the end of your news.
  8. 8.  Use short, ordinary conversation words  Avoid “this, that, the former, the latter”  Avoid sibilants (words with hissing sounds)  Use descriptive words when possible but use them with care Do not string together a collection of ideas with “and”; sentences should be kept short Other reminders
  9. 9. keep subject and verb close together and use active rather than the passive voice for verb Sample: X Ang naganap na sunud-sunod na nakawan sa mga paaralan ay pinasisiyasat ni Tarlac City Mayor Aro Mendoza.  Pinasisiyasat ni Tarlac City Mayor Aro Mendoza ang naganap sunud sunod na nakawan sa mga paaralan Sentence Structure
  10. 10. Round-off figures/numbers • Change 2.6123 million to more than 2 and a half million • 35.7002 percent to nearly 36 percent SAMPLE Umabot sa may 10.349 milyong piso… Umabot sa mahigit sampung milyong piso… Write out symbols and fractions Avoid abbreviations Other reminders
  11. 11. Provide phonetic spelling Speech has rhythm and should be kept in mind when writing a radio script A radio script should display an element of “nowness” Key repetitive statements help the listener to get the message
  12. 12.  Get a good briefing, know your listener  Do research about the topic  Prepare content outline  Write the first draft  Read it aloud. Time the material  Visualize the script  Review the script  Revise for style, correct timing and accuracy
  13. 13. 05:00 (5-minute newscast program) 01:30 Ads and infomercials 00:10 Station ID 00:30 Intro, Bumpers and Teasers 02:50 Time left for news The remaining two minutes and fifty seconds are to be apportioned to the news stories of the day.
  14. 14. It is used between the news and commercial breaks. It tells the listener that there is a break but that there will be some more news coming up. Example: “We’ll be back with more news after these reminders from our sponsors…
  15. 15. It is used to stimulate curiosity so that the listeners will stay tune in to hear what it’s all about. Example: “Waling waling to replace sampaguita as national flower?”
  16. 16. It is usually heard after the news. It reminds the listeners of what product sponsors the said news. Example: “This news is brought to you by Dunkin Donut, ang pasalubong ng bayan.”
  17. 17. Title Page Program title - Mangyan Patrol 24/7 FORMAT - News Station - DWSJ 99.9 Airtime - 80:00 a.m – 8:05 a.m daily Date of Newscast - November 6, 2011 Talents Anchor: Mary Queen T. Bernardo Reporters Ana M. Garcia Davis B. Tan Allan G. Gomez Field Reporter Jinny-vi C. Panganiban 3. Format in Writing a Radio Script
  18. 18. 18 The final step to indicate that the story has ended or has more details in the next page. 1. Put ### at the end of page to indicate that the story has ended or put (more) at the end of page to let the anchor knows that there is another page. 2. If you must split a story into two pages, never break a sentence. Always end a page with a complete sentence.
  19. 19. 1. Station ID 2. Time Check 3. News Plug 4. Intro 5. Headlines 6. Details 7. Extro
  20. 20. ENGLISH  Headlines  National  Local / Provincial  Infomercial  Foreign  Showbiz  Sports  Weather FILIPINO  Ulo  Pambansa  Probinsiya  Patalastas  Ibayong Dagat  Showbis  Palakasan  Lagay ng Panahon
  21. 21. Example of a Five-minute Radio Script
  22. 22. Infomercials may be derived from subjects which have values related to government, economy, health, environment, social, spiritual and/or moral responsibilities. Back
  23. 23. Criteria for Radio Broadcast Criteria Percentage Script/production  Application of broadcast journalism principles  Broadcast form of writing  Clear & logical organization of news scripts 30 Delivery & Presentation  Clear presentation of items  Modulation, volume & quality  Confidence 30 Style/Technique Creativity Uniqueness 30 Impression/Impact  Overall audience appeal  Effect 10
  24. 24. Example of an Individual Script 11/06/11 Lloyd’s Eye Bug 8:00 PM Hear! Hear! Hear! Friends and avid fans of John Lloyd Cruz, the famous Yuri of “Kaytagal Kang Hinintay,” never had an operation to eliminate his prominent eye bugs. Instead he had laser treatment twice a month to lighten dark circles around his eyes! He is now filming “My First Romance” with Bea Alonzo. So, wait and see for Star cinema’s heartwarming movie of the year. This is Chikading Juday, Back to you, Queen! Castro/bello/09215457080

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