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  1. Nereus NeuralX Inc.
  2. Current problem Feeding cost = 50-80% of total biz cost But, no effective ways to optimize the operation. • Sizing & Counting are done manually on occasional basis. • Feeding is done with non-optimal timing and amount.
  3. Solution: Automated AI fish counting, sizing, hunger analysis to optimize the feeding • Reducing operation cost by 20% • Reducing pollution by 17% • Increasing profit margin by 26% • Accelerating production speed by 33%
  4. Current Problem in AI: Manual Data Collection & Annotation for Training Dataset Are Too Painful
  5. Solution: Synthetic Dataset with Bio/ Environment Simulation
  6. Nereus platform overview Fish farm Video feed Nereus management cloud Video frames Remote control & optimization Nereus AI Automated feeding & food management Harvest timing optimization Analytics
  7. The world now produces more seafood from fish farms than wild catch $285B Aquaculture 20M People Employed Globally Over 3 billion people rely on seafood as a primary source of protein. 7 GAGR =4.5%
  8. Pricing model (SaaS) - $200/month x The Number of Fish Cages* - Enterprise Pricing Beyond 50 Monitored Fish Cages *Fish cage size < 12x12m, anything larger costs extra fee 8 1.5M active fish farms globally.
  9. SoftBank partnership in Japan - Signed $1.6M+ contract - Experimented with 3 fish farms 9
  10. Competition Computer Vision - Aquabtye - Tidal (Google Moonshot) - Umitron Aquaculture Products - AquaManager - Cermaq - eFishery - Esa-Robo Nereus uniquely combines three segments, delivering a sustainable advantage to our customers and investors. Nereus 10
  11. Team Masaki Nakada, PhD CEO World class researcher at intersection of biomechanics and computer vision Ph.D. computer science, UCLA Post-doc at UCLA computer graphics & vision lab Fobes next 1000, MIT innovators U35 award Bill Manci Biz dev advisor President of fisher technology associates 45 years of aquaculture experience Zohaib Khalid Backend engineer Alfin Nurhalim CV research engineer Hiro Shiono CV research engineer Donovan Westwater Simulation research engineer Salah E. Zaidi Simulation research engineer 11
  12. Thank you! Empowering a sustainable aquatic food supply with A.I. and Artificial Life