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CV of Md Masudur Rahman

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This is CV created in 2016.

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CV of Md Masudur Rahman

  1. 1. Md. Masudur Rahman E-mail: bit0413@iit.du.ac.bd Mobile: +880 1719057075 Address: 295/Jha/4, Tali Office Road Rayer Bazar, Dhaka - 1209 Career Objective Seeking for a position where there is an ample scope of exploring the latest technologies and making the maximum use of my potentials. Education Internship Program (7th semester) KAZ Software (6 months – full time) Address: 28/1 Eskaton Garden, Dhaka - 1000 Technical Skills Related Significant Courses Programming Languages C, C++, Java, C#, SQL Scripting Languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP Platforms Microsoft Windows, Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) Databases MySQL, Oracle Express Edition 11g Development Tools Eclipse, Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft Visio, XAMPP, Dreamweaver, Komodo Editor, Selenium IDE, Weka Concepts OOP, Code Smell and Refactoring, Design Pattern, MVC  Design Patterns  Object Oriented Concepts  Software Requirements Specification and Analysis  Software Design and Analysis  Software Testing and Quality Assurance  Distributed Systems  Parallel Computing  Management Information Systems  Data Structure and Algorithm  Combinatorial Optimization  Database Management Systems  Data Communication and Networking  Artificial Intelligence Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering Institute of Information Technology University of Dhaka CGPA 3.95 (out of 4.00)
  2. 2. Projects and Documentations 1. Where Is My Food (WIMF) Web Application WIMF is an online restaurant finder application. This application helps users to find any restaurant location in the map. It was developed using ASP .NET Web Form, C#, MySQL, Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It was an academic group project and my job was to develop the system with proper SRS documentation. 2. Human Resource Information System (HRIS) HRIS software is able to maintain the employee’s detail information, salary calculation, monitor attendance and leave management of an organization. It was developed in PHP, Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I participated in this project as a developer. 3. Comparison of Decision Tree and Randomized Forest for Object Classification Decision Tree and Randomized Forest are two important algorithms that are used to classify objects based on their criteria. In this project, I participated to implement these two algorithms in C++ language. 4. Software Requirements Specification (SRS) Documents I have made some SRS documents up to this academic period, such as - SRS on Pre-admission System, Where Is My Food (WIMF) web app, Human Resource Information System (HRIS) etc. Co-curricular Activities References Dr. Kazi Muheymin-Us-Sakib Director and Associate Professor Institute of Information Technology University of Dhaka E-mail: sakib@univdhaka.edu Mobile: +880 1730051231 Shah Mostafa Khaled Assistant Professor Institute of Information Technology University of Dhaka E-mail: khaled@univdhaka.edu Mobile: +880 1812698789  Participated in ICPC Programming Contest, Dhaka Site 2012 (Honorable Mention)  Attended to GPIT Event 2013  Participated in Google Developer Group (GDG) Dhaka Event 2013  Member of IIT Cricket Team