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How will the subjects that appear on your magazine be represented

Questions on representation for my magazine cover in terms of depiction and representation.

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How will the subjects that appear on your magazine be represented

  1. 1. How will the subjects that appear on your magazine be represented? (consider – costume, props, non-verbal communication). The subjectthat will be represented on my magazinewill be represented in a way that typically represents the Hip-Hop music genre in terms of clothing, accessories and postureto put emphasis on the fact that this magazineis aimed and targeted at those who enjoy the Hip Hop music genre. The colours used will be mostly darker shades and tones of colour in order to connote a senseof seriousness, prestige, elite etc. Props and costumewill mostprobably include items such as rings and jewellery along with a fashionablewristwatch (preferably digital) and designer pieces of clothing along with a baseball cap which is a fashionableitem in the Hip Hop music genrealong with fashionable and iconic shoes which are all partof the artists image and appeal. Why will you depict them in this way? How will this depiction appealto your target audience? I’ll depict them in a typical postureand formof statureand representation which you typically find on the frontcover of Hip Hop music magazines. The body language will connote that the artistis ‘rebellious’ or ‘Doesn’t care’ or possibly ‘Goes againstthe norm’which arewords thatcan sometimes be used to describe the Hip Hop genre. The clothing items and props I’llbe using will also appeal to my target audience as upon inspection or when walking by, people will immediately notice the props and costumes worn by the artist which will already give them an indication of what type of music genrethe magazineis and who it is aimed at. Will your representation be stereotypical or will you challenge stereotypical representations? For my magazinecover I will challenge the typical stereotypicalrepresentations of the whole Hip Hop music genre as the cover model I’ll be using for my magazineto representthe music genre will be white as the Hip Hop genreis mainly dominated by the African American ethnicity and cultureso to put a white cover artistwould challenge this stereotypeas it’s something you wouldn’t usually see on Hip Hop music magazinecovers