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Futsal Plan 2013 14

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5x60 Carmarthenshire schools Futsal Plan for 2013-14. Futsal is the only five a side football game recognised by FIFA

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Futsal Plan 2013 14

  1. 1. Futsal Sir Gar The 5x60 team has already run two pilot Futsal competitions for boys Pupils, school staff, and officers reaction has been very positive This draft plan is a proposal for the development of Futsal in Carmarthenshire 2013-14 focuses only on years 7 & 8  2014-15 expand to include year 9  2015-16 expand to include year 10  2016-17 expand to include year 11 Year 7 Futsal Tournament Video, February 2013 (2 mins, 48) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoRC66eXaa8
  2. 2. What is ‘Futsal’? A fast and dynamic game that’s very popular in South America and Europe Name derives from Portuguese ‘futebol de salão’ which means ‘Hall Football’ 5-a-side and played indoors Goal – 3m x 2m Play with a less bouncy and smaller than traditional ball
  3. 3. Regional Competitions Llanelli Leisure Centre & Trinity College, Carmarthen 2 courts running parallel Competition times: 1pm – 4pm Llanelli LC, December 2013 Weds 4th – Year 7/8 Boys Weds 11th – Year 7/8 Girls Trinity, December 2013 Thurs 5th – Year 7/8 Girls Thurs 12th – Year 7/8 Boys Trinity, March 2014 Thurs 6th – Year 7/8 Boys Thurs 13th – Year 7/8 Girls Llanelli LC, March 2014 Weds 5th – Year 7/8 Girls Weds 12th – Year 7/8 Boys ‘De’ Region ‘Gogledd’ Region
  4. 4. Regional Competitions Carmarthen Trinity College Bro Dinefwr Bro Myrddin Dyffryn Taf Emlyn Llandovery College Maes y Gwendraeth Rhydygors QE High • Llanelli Leisure Centre • Bryngwyn • Coedcae • Dyffryn Aman • Glan y Mor • St John Lloyd • St Michael’s College • Strade NORTH (8)NORTH (8) SOUTH (7)SOUTH (7)
  5. 5. Proposed Tournament Format Date Region Venue Year Male/ Female 4 December 13 South Llanelli LC 7/8 Male 5 December 13 North Trinity 7/8 Female 11 December 13 South Llanelli LC 7/8 Female 12 December 13 North Trinity 7/8 Males 5 March 14 South Llanelli LC 7/8 Female 6 March 14 North Trinity 7/8 Male 12 March 14 South Llanelli LC 7/8 Female 13 March 14 North Trinity 7/8 Males April 2014 FINALS Cardiff House of Sport 7/8 Both
  6. 6. Regional Competitions 4 categories; Male yr 7, Male yr 8, Female yr 7 and Female yr 8 Teams to accumulate points per competition Points awarded in all competitions will be kept on a master scoreboard Identify the top 3 teams in the east and top 3 in the west in each category and invite to Finals Day
  7. 7. Carmarthenshire Schools Futsal Finals Day Host at Cardiff House of Sport April 2014 3 Futsal courts (possibly only 2 available) Cost would be around £320.00 for 4 hours with 2 courts Schools / officer to make own transport arrangements
  8. 8. Carmarthenshire Schools Futsal Finals Day Four categories with 6 teams in each: Male yr 7 Female yr 7 Male yr 8 Female yr 8 Total of 24 teams competing
  9. 9. Carmarthenshire Schools Futsal Finals Day Yr 7 Boys Yr 7 Girls Yr 8 Boys Yr 8 Girls 1st North Bro Myrddin Dyffryn Taf QEH Rhydygors 2nd North Rhydygors Emlyn Bro Dinefwr Bro Dinefwr 3rd North Glan y Mor QEH Bro Myrddin Glan y Mor 1st South Coedcae SJL St Mikes Strade 2nd South SJL Maes y Gwen Coedcae Bryngwyn 3rd South Aman Aman Maes y Gwen Aman  Example master scoreboard after regional competitions have been completed
  10. 10. Finals Day 6 teams in each of the 4 categories (3 north teams & 3 south teams) 24 total Play each team once (5 games per team) Top 2 teams play a ‘Cup final’ ‘Shield final’ between 3rd , 4th placed teams ‘Plate final’ between 5th , 6th placed teams Trophies awarded to winners of each category
  11. 11. Example – Year 7 Boys Draw Yr 7 Boys 1st North Bro Myrddin 2nd North Rhydygors 3rd North Glan y Mor 1st South Coedcae 2nd South SJL 3rd South Aman 1. Bro Myrddin v Rhydygors 2. Glan y Mor v Coedcae 3. St John Lloyd v Aman 4. Coedcae v Rhydygors 5. Glan y Mor v St John Lloyd 6. Aman v Rhydygors 7. Coedcae v St John Lloyd 8. Bro Myrddin Glan y Mor 9. St John Lloyd v Rhydygors 10. Aman v Glan y Mor 11. Coedcae v Bro Myrddin 12. Glan y Mor v Rhydygors 13. St John Lloyd v Bro Myrddin 14. Aman v Coedcae 15. 3rd v 4th place 16. 1st v 2nd place
  12. 12. Cluster Games In addition to the tournaments, schools may compete in friendly ‘cluster’ matches E.g. 3 schools in the same locality to arrange to play each other at a convenient venue after school to play friendly matches Play throughout the autumn and spring term No more than 2-3 cluster matches per term 5x60 could organise this centrally and provide fixtures etc. or officers could organise individually 6th formers to be trained as Futsal referees during October half term
  13. 13. Summary Volunteers, officers, leaders to be trained to coach and referee Futsal All year 7 & 8 boys and girls to be given the opportunity to play Futsal in 5x60 sessions Competitive opportunities available on regional level during December and March Carmarthenshire Finals Day for top 6 teams in each of the 4 categories held in Cardiff House of Sport Further friendlies can be played on an ad-hoc basis
  14. 14. Futsal Sir Gar Matt Adams Futsal lead for 5x60 in Carmarthenshire 07785 714389 mjadams@sirgar.gov.uk