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Mavenir: Monetizing RCS through Innovation on Cloud Native Network​

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A Rich Communication Services (RCS) market overview, how RCS is adding value to mobile networks, and the RCS evolution.
Presentation from Rakuten Showcase at Mobile World Congress 2019.

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Mavenir: Monetizing RCS through Innovation on Cloud Native Network​

  1. 1. Copyright Mavenir 2019 mavenir.com Monetizing RCS through Innovation on Cloud Native Network Bejoy Pankajakshan – EVP, Chief Strategy Officer
  2. 2. The Industry’s only 100% Software, End-to-End MNO Infrastructure Vendor; Changing MNO Economics Through Innovation Company Overview  Leading provider of mission-critical network infrastructure software to MNOs, offering fully-virtualized, 5G-ready solutions across the mobile network infrastructure stack  HQ in Richardson, TX | ~2,300 FTEs | 500+ patents  Global presence with more than 250 MNO customers across 140+ countries and six continents 250+ Global MNO Customers Across 140+ Countries 17of Top 20 Global Tier 1 MNOs >3B Mobile Subscribers on Mavenir Platform 97% of customers have an 8+ year relationship 175M+ subscribers live on NFV deployments (Year End 2018) ACCESS Software-Defined Foundational Elements for 5G Networks CORE Data, Voice, Messaging and Video ADVANCED SERVICES Network Protection, Customer Monetization and Enterprise Solutions Mavenir Overview Customer Overview Copyright Mavenir 2019 2
  3. 3. Mavenir Messaging Leadership 140 Messaging Customers 60%+ SMS Market Share First RCS Services Launched 2012 Copyright Mavenir 2019 3 4T Delivered Annually Messages 13 Active RCS Deployments 34%+ RCS Market Share 244B Delivered Annually Messages
  4. 4. Copyright Mavenir 2019 RCS – Market View 4
  5. 5. What is RCS? Already Here! Seamless Evolution Rich Communication Services (RCS) Overview • Standardized Evolution of SMS • Full Multimedia Capabilities • Carrier-grade, built into device • Cross networks, cross devices with RCS Universal Profile • Fallback to MMS/SMS • Designed with businesses and brands in mind 167M MAU 3Q2018(1) 1.2bn RCS Subs by 2020(2) 62 Operators(1) 45 Countries(1) Android Messages (Built into Android8.0) Samsung Messages (All new Samsung Phones) Built into Android devices released in 2018 • It’s similar to the transition from Black&White to Color TV1 • Today’s 4B SMS users will be seamlessly converted to RCS over time 1Dr. Petja Heimbach – VP Communications Products – Deutsche Telekom 1 Source: GSMA 2 Source: MobileSquared SMS RCS167 M 4 Bn 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Copyright Mavenir 2019 5
  6. 6. 7x uplift in click-through rate for external campaigns* 13x uplift in click-through rate for internal campaigns* 8x uplift in activation rates* RCS Outperforming Already Proven SMS * Compared to SMS 10x uplift in click-through rate when image is added to A2P message* +68% in the number of unique users engaged* • 90+% open rate • 25-45% response rate • 95% read under 3 min SMS is Valuable Marketing Tool Copyright Mavenir 2019 6
  7. 7. RCS as the IM engine in Unified Communications Most UCC providers have a messaging walled garden Text-Enablement of Fixed Lines!* Evolved from wireline world where messaging doesn’t exist and had to build proprietary closed systems. Communication is not possible with: • users on other provider’s UCC system • users on other enterprise in the same UCC cloud system • users on regular mobile phones SMS Mavenir’s Mobile Enterprise Communications leverages RCS for IM • Full multimedia experience with other enterprise users as well as any RCS enabled mobile user • Fallback to MMS/SMS for universal reach to any mobile user in the world • Optional integration with MaaP for chatbots, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, etc. SMS MMS RCS Restaurant Fixed # 1-786-7463 EVOLVE *requires portability of fixed line number Appetizers Main Course Sides Desserts Choose from a delicious variety of appetizers, main courses and sides or indulge with a sweet treat. ChatBot Your reservation is confirmed for 4 people at 8pm Thanks 7Copyright Mavenir 2019
  8. 8. Copyright Mavenir 2019 RCS adding Value to Rakuten Mobile Network 8
  9. 9. Customer Experience Driven Cloud Native Rich Communications - Solution Objective Copyright Mavenir 2019 9 Rich Communication Services Voice & Video Rapid Service Delivery Rich Messaging Multi-Party Communication Cloud Native Architecture Network Automation Micro-Services Fully Virtualized Open Network Web-Scale Common Service Orchestration Analytics Common VNF Manager Centralized State Storage Collaboration Business Messaging Enriched User Experience
  10. 10. Rich Communications - Today’s Network Architecture 10 Home Access Network RCS OTT UAG (Universal Access Gateway) International Roaming Network RCS Core Domestic Roaming Access Network Rakuten RCS Services Rich Communication Solution End-to-End NFV MANO, OSS, BSS Rakuten ID for Login, All communications use Native Phone number RCS OTT Rakuten RCS OTT Rakuten Other, IMS CS, PSTN N/W Copyright Mavenir 2019
  11. 11. Business Benefits for Rakuten MNO Copyright Mavenir 2019 11 Voice & Video Cost Reduction  QCI1 based QoS (Quality of Service) for Voice & Video communication on RCS OTT Application  Call Out and In  Supplementary Services  Reduced Roaming Charges when roaming Domestic or International.  GSMA UP1.0, 2.0 Compliance - Enables Global interoperability  Capability to Fallback to SMS & MMS Standards Based w/OTT extensions Cloud Native Network Functions, Fully Integrated into Rakuten’s Automation Platform
  12. 12. What differentiates the RCS Application from other OTT? 12 Internet Apps OTT Voice/ Messaging RCS PCRF Packet Core RAN Shared Best-Effort Bearer Dedicated QoS-Assured Bearer QoS for OTT RCS Communication  Dedicated QoS bearer (QCI1) established for RCS Media Traffic over Internet PDN Copyright Mavenir 2019
  13. 13. RCS App Differentiators..Contd 13 Voice over LTE Data Voice over WiFi  Seamless Session Handover between access networks RCS OTT Voice Call Continuity RCS Network RCS OTT Reduced Roaming Charges for RCS Communication International Roaming Network Domestic Roaming Access Network Home Access Network Internet Copyright Mavenir 2019
  14. 14. Rakuten RCS Consumer Experience 14 RCS Voice and Messaging • Compliance to GSMA’s Universal Profile (UP) 1.0, 2.0 • HD Voice/Video Call with Quality of Service • End to End Encryption based on TLS/Secure Media • Presence based Social Status • Supplementary Service support • Call Waiting • Call Hold • Multi-Party Voice/Video Conference Calling • SMS/MMS Fallback for Global Interoperability with non-RCS recipients • Fully Virtualized Cloud Native Architecture, with support for Network Automation Copyright Mavenir 2019
  15. 15. Rakuten Integration - RakutenID & SSO 15 Rakuten Backend Integration  RCS Integration with Rakuten Ecosystem with the use of common Rakuten ID for Login & Authentication  Integration with Rakuten App Engine for Oauth based Authentication and SSO  Integration with Rakuten BSS for RCS App Onboarding and Service Configuration RCS OTT RCS OTT RakutenNon-Rakuten RCS Core RCS Device Configuration Rakuten App Engine (RAE) oAuth Token Validation Interface RCS Application Onboarding RCS App Configuration Service Configuration Reuse existing Rakuten ID for login Rakuten BSS Copyright Mavenir 2019
  16. 16. RCS App delivers Global Interoperability across networks and devices 16 RCS Network RCS OTT RCS OTT Operator 1 Operator 2 RCS Service Interconnection SMS/MMS FallbackGSMA*  UP1.0  UP2.0 *The GSMA Universal Profile for Advanced Messaging The GSMA’s Universal Profile (UP) provides an open, consistent and global messaging service across networks and devices. It simplifies interoperability and enables OEMs and OS providers to achieve scale and give consumers a richer and more consistent messaging experience regardless of device or network. UP is currently backed by over 70 leading operators, vendors and OS providers worldwide. RCS Interoperability  UP 1.0 profile compliance enables interoperability with Android Messages and other OEMs compliant with UP 1.0.  Supports capability to fallback to SMS/MMS if the recipient is not RCS capable.  UP 2.0 compliance adds ecommerce capability i.e. Application-to-Person RCS Business messaging and RCS- capable chatbots. SMS MMS Copyright Mavenir 2019
  17. 17. RCS Network Functions alignment with Web-Scale Principles 17 RCS Network Functions integrated with Cisco Common NFV Infrastructure Management OSS/BSS NFVI Hypervisor /Virtualization Layer Compute Storage Networking VIM ESC/VNFM NSO/NFVO RCS Network Functions CNF/VNF CNF/VNF CNF/VNF Micro Services Stateless (All Active N+M) RCS Network Function Characteristics Service Registry & Discovery Auto-Configuration Services Based Interface Open APIs Cloud-Native Protocols Copyright Mavenir 2019
  18. 18. Copyright Mavenir 2019 Evolution of RCS Communication Services 18
  19. 19. RCS Enabled Smart Home Copyright Mavenir 2019 19 Smart Home Chat Bots Smart Lighting with Native text recognition RCS Enabled Smart TVs Remote pool controls using native RCS. RCS enabled home hubs with embedded chat bot.
  20. 20. Rakuten RCS Enterprise Experience Dashboard Audio and Video Conferencing Online Meetings Screen Sharing Copyright Mavenir 2019 20
  21. 21. RCS Evolution: Business Messaging Services Copyright Mavenir 2019 21 Seamless Link for consumers with Rakuten e-commerce and major brands
  22. 22. Unified Communications Experience Copyright Mavenir 2019 22 Rich Messaging Multi-Party Voice Call Contact Card Visual Voicemail Video Conferencing
  23. 23. Mobile Rich Unified Communications Copyright Mavenir 2019 23 Extend Services beyond your mobile Multiple personas on one device simultaneously Shared line with on devices with Business features Extend new BYOD service with UCC Client
  24. 24. Copyright Mavenir 2019 mavenir.com Thank You