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Synopsis for student interaction portal

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Synopsis for student interaction portal

  1. 1. Project Synopsis Name of Student : Mukesh Chettri Registration No : 11011166 Project Undertaken : Student-Bridge Estimated duration : 5 months Name of Organization & Address : Lovely InfoTech Lovely Professional University Phagwara, Punjab, India. External Supervisor Name : Mr. Gurpreet Singh External Supervisor Designation : Project Officer External Supervisor Phone No : 9988894009 External Supervisor Email : gurpreet.singh@lpu.co.in Nature of Project / Domain : Web application in ASP.NET with C#. Software Used in the Project : Visual Studio 2008 (.NET 3.5 Framework) (Front-End) SQL Server 2008 (Back-End) Team members 1) Mukesh Chettri 11007623(B.Tech(cse)) 2) Manisha Chandra 10904270(BCA(hons)-MCA(dual degree)) 3) Nagesh Kumar 11109834(B.Tech(cse)) 4) Priya Prasad 11006807(B.Tech(cse)) 5) Animesh Poddar 11003532(B.Tech(cse)) 6) Aiman Majeed 11007752(B.Tech(IT)) 7) Ankit Sharma 10902662(BCA(hons)-MCA(dual degree)) 1) Project Description: To ensure effective communication with students, the university needs to consistently operate where students interact, and increasingly, this is on digital platforms. We know that students are inundated with information. Therefore, it is critical that we have an effective, valuable and common place to share important information to support student life in and out of the classroom. A single sign-on portal will be a powerful and important tool for student success.
  2. 2. Student-Interaction portal is web based interaction between students and faculty of different colleges, where:  Student can interact with other student of same college or different college.  Student can interact with faculty.  Student can share their ideas and knowledge with other students.  Faculty can interact with other faculty and share their learning and teaching ideas.  Student will come to know how to make proper resume.  Student can ask their subject related query.  Student can upload and download important materials.  Student will interact with each other via messages.  Student can share and view placement experience and interview experience.  Admin can post events to the notice board.  Admin can also delete and block user.  Admin can view the report. The concept of student interaction is based on the constructivist assumption that learning is influenced by how an individual participates in educationally purposeful activities ... In essence, therefore, student interaction is concerned with the extent to which students are engaging in a range of educational activities that is likely to lead to high quality learning. Student interaction is concerned with the communication between the time, effort and other relevant resources invested by both students and experts intended to optimize the student experience and enhance the learning outcomes and development of students and the performance. 2) Objectives: Our goal is to create a dynamic student portal that acts as a gateway for just-enough, justin-time information for all students. The portal will direct students to on-campus resources and tools and provide timely and customized information and communications to support student transition through the student lifecycles. A portal will address the student need for relevant and effective information sharing and allow students to customize the information available to them. 3) Project Scope (Application Area) It uses the power of Web technology to helps and improve the potential of the students in their skills or knowledge. It also provides network between the student and experts (teachers) based on the skills they have. Sharing of study material, experiences in placements and knowledge in Question Answer discussion board area. Besides it helps to improve the ability of cracking aptitude test, company test and technical test.
  3. 3. 4) Benefits:   Students are not bounded to their college faculties.  It’s a platform where students can open up and can share their knowledge.  Stay better informed of placement and examination.  Provides a virtual place where students can ask questions to other student and faculty.  Student gets prepared for online exams via online test module.  Students can clear doubts from faculties.  Student can share their college stories and achievement.  It bridges the gap between students, junior and seniors.  5) Any student can interact with other students. Student can avail required study material anywhere around the world. Users of the system i. ii. Student iii. 6) Administrator. Faculty Module Description: Project is divided into 10 modules i. Admin: Admin can authenticate the user through e-mail address. Generate Report Post events regarding workshop, job, exam etc Block users and spam message Post advertisement ii. User Login: User can sign up to the website through providing some of the important information like: Name, Date of birth, Nationality, e-mail address. User can provide their username-mail, Password to authenticate by the admin, If user in case forgot there password, can login again through answering the security question, which was asked by the admin in signup page. Signup Page Login Page Forgot-Password iii. User Profile: user profile is in the format of a resume. User can change Profile information like: Display Name, Display Picture etc. user will be able to update their skills , objective, workshops etc . Use can also assign himself some faculties as his expertise. He can send his resume to them for review. The experts will give remarks on his resume. User will come to know about their mistakes and correct it. Edit Profile information Print resume View profile View message Send message Send resume for review
  4. 4. iv. Search: In this module user will be able to search any documents or post from the database as per their requirement. The searching will be tag based . search documents search posts filter documents by user name filter documents by popularity filter document by branch name filter by college name v. Query-Board: students and faculty can post their question in the query board. They have to attach a tag name for their post , like ‘Fibonacci’ for Fibonacci questions. Every question will have a unique question id. Post questions vi. Placement-portal: In this module students can share their interview experience and important facts regarding placement and companies. Student can upload and download placement related study material. Student can post placement queries and reply to other’s query Student can get the information about soft skills. vii. Feedback: users can give a feedback to admin or they can report any spam posted or uploaded by other users. Since every posts, question, uploaded material has unique id it will be easy for user to report a spam. User can give feedback User can report a spam viii. E-Resource: users can upload any relevant or important materials like question paper, eBooks, ppt etc. users can also download the uploaded material from e-resource. User can upload files User can download files ix. Junk-Query: In this module user can post their general questions not subject relevant. If a user replies to other’s query his priority will become high for them. So next time, if he posts any query other users will reply to his query quickly. Post and reply to general queries. More the user replies higher will be his priority. x. Online test: This module provides students with aptitude, logical and verbal reasoning online test. User can practice this test for their placement and other online exams. User ca see their result in real time. Practice test View result Internal Faculty Advisor: Mr. Robin Prakash Mathur Date: 10-Feb-2014 Signature of Student
  5. 5. Comments/Observation by Faculty advisor: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Recommended Yes/ No _________________________ (Signature of Faculty advisor) Date: Approved Yes/ No ________________________ (Signature of HOD) Date: