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Pay-per click Advertising: What, Why and who need PPC Services?

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Call@9654072570, Learn about Pay Per Click Services: Detailed information about PPC Advertisement for every business. eCommerce, Travel, Real Estate, Tech Support

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Pay-per click Advertising: What, Why and who need PPC Services?

  1. 1.                                                      A70, 2nd Floor, Main Road                                                      Kalkaji, New Delhi ­ 110019                                       Phone: +91­11­4076­8827 / +91­965­4072­570 Email: help@eCaps.net / Website: http://www.eCaps.net Pay Per Click Advertising what, why and who uses? Prepared By: Mrinal Bohra Confidential Document 1
  2. 2. Purpose of Proposal If you are running a business, you might heard about Pay per click advertising which return more                                  than 300 percent or even higher with this form of advertisement. The sole purpose of this                                document is to make you aware that if you own a business, you should advertise on this form of                                      Online advertisement i.e. Pay­Per­click Model. What is Pay Per Click Advertisement:  Pay Per Click advertising is the practice of creating adverts using specific "keywords" or                            "keyphrases" to attract just the right kind of interested site visitor to your website. Whether your                                website is a commercial business site or it is a non­commercial site of any nature. A sound, well thought out and well executed Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign will deliver for you                                  the visitors you want who are already pre­selected to ensure they have a genuine need or                                interest in your product. This means of course, "visitor traffic" for "traffic's" sake is a wasted                                effort. You or your organization want visitors who want or are interested in your product. "Conversion" is the subject of converting site visitors into buyers, customers and clients of your                              products or services. It can also be the converting of website visitors into followers or adherents                                or supporters of a blog, social campaign, and various other non­commercial websites by                          content. Who clicks these ads? Often many people are skeptical of how so many ads on Google are clicked. Some comments                                express confusion on how industries pay billions for PPC ads when many individuals purport that                              they themselves never click PPC ads, or don't even see such ads. We've discovered that oftentimes, people do not realize that they may be clicking PPC ads.                              Google continues to give increasingly more prime SERP real­estate to PPC ads. These ads are                              often so well camouflaged with natural results, that many users may not recognize the                            difference. What we can do you for you: eCaps Internet Solutions is thoroughly conversant with the entire highly varied range of                          techniques and technologies that make up the PPC campaign package. And, results and                          Confidential Document 2
  3. 3. successes are our game. We detail and manage all the aspects of creating and maintaining a                                successful PPC campaign. Keywords, being a crucial PPC technology component of any PPC                          goals, strategy, and campaign, get specific and expert attention. Services such as Google Adwords are thoroughly employed as part of PPC Management. You                            can be sure that eCaps Internet Solutions will deliver for your website and business, all the                                reward of a professional PPC marketing and promotional campaign. Our Approach:  Keywords are a critical factor of PPC advertising. So as part of eCaps Internet Solutions                              approach, eCaps Internet Solutions makes sure to inform clients that their particular keywords                          and keyphrases can be tested using Pay Per Click. In this way, eCaps Internet Solutions                              approach includes functions of "test marketing," to the benefit of the client and their website. Our approach to PPC marketing involves an iterative (a repeating cycle), of activity that begins                              with a test of the first analytically derived keywords for the site. eCaps Internet Solutions derives                                those first keywords, and examines and tests all subsequent keywords, too. By a careful                            monitoring of all keywords involved in the PPC strategy and the overall SEO and Social strategy,                                real traffic response is detailed and any relevant "conversion" or even, excitement about a                            product or the entire website itself, are all recorded and reported in any strategy or policy                                consultation. And with the crucial and initial PPC results gathered, analysed and made into a workable, viable                                investment (increasing the amount of actual SEO to what is actually required to obtain high or                                highest placing in "organic search result listing"), eCaps Internet Solutions do a final test using                              the Adwords system to verify "impressions," meaning, how many times was the advert actually                            viewed by a live person. Such PPC initial "test marketing" proves or disproves the viability of any                                  suggested or selected keywords. This is the kind of efficiency of action and consequence which                              eCaps Internet Solutions aims at with the eCaps Internet Solutions approach. Calculation of the Keyword’s expected cost per click [CPC]: To calculate the example keyword CPCs, we use Google's Keyword Tool and set the targeting                              options to US or some other location ­ according to requirement while setting the preferred                              language as English. Next we set the keyword match type to broad. The resulting CPC was the estimated price for the top spot. If these CPCs look higher than what                                    you are use to, you are probably targeting a different location, different language, different match                              types, or are not targeting the top spot. Cost­Per­Clicks for the top PPC spot can be significantly                                  Confidential Document 3
  4. 4. more expensive than CPCs for the second or third spots. Who should use PPC Advertising: Any kind of business can take advantage of the  opportunities provided by Pay­Per­Click Marketing which is a great option for all businesses. We  have categorized in four categories and listed below:  1. Business with a goal of acquiring high customer lifetime values: Some industries                        can afford to spend quite a bit acquiring new leads and customers because the lifetime                              value of a new client is so high. Consider following:  ● Dentists, doctors, etc. – When a doctor acquires a new client, they can                          potentially be worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars over the                          course of many years, especially if they go on to refer more clients. ● Colleges & online degree programs – Universities spend a lot on PPC                        because a new student is worth a lot over the course of his/her education. The                              same applies for other types of training programs. ● Cable and Internet providers, utilities – People tend to stick with one provider                          of phone, cable, or Internet service and pay that monthly bill for a long time. Any                                recurring service (subscription­based software, for example) could fit the same                    model. 2. Business with a goal of acquiring high margin: Sometimes it’s not about “lifetime                            value” so much as the high margins on a single purchase. Think relatively big ticket items                                like: ● Lawyers – A lawyer can make a lot of money off a single case, which is why                                  keywords like “personal injury lawyer” are so expensive – even if that client only                            needs your services for the one lawsuit, the margins can be very high. ● Repair jobs – Some kinds of home repair can be very expensive (roof repair,                            new pipes, etc.), so catching someone who needs this kind of work done can be                              a big win. ● Computer equipment – Servers, copiers, etc. ● Home Appliances – These days people usually comparison­shop online before                    buying something like a washer and dryer. Same goes for purchases like                        mattresses and large furniture. ● Cars – Car franchises have a lot of success with geo­targeted PPC. Confidential Document 4
  5. 5. 3. Businesses who sell uncommon Products: ften people use search engines to find                        weird items that aren’t carried in many brick and mortar stores, such as unusual hobby                              supplies or rare records. 4. Seasonal or Event-Based Value: Florists love PPC because most people don’t send                flowers very often – they look for a florist at the last minute when they need to send a                                      floral arrangement for a funeral or an anniversary. Some other businesses that can use                            PPC to attract seasonal or event­based traffic include: ● Gift baskets ● Costumes ● Wedding Registries Industry focus on Pay­Per­Click:  The top 10 industries prefer Pay­Per­Click Advertisement. ❏ Finance & Insurance ❏ Retailers & General Merchandise  ❏ Travel & Tourism ❏ Jobs & Education ❏ Home & Garden ❏ Computer & Consumer Electronics ❏ Vehicles ❏ Internet & Telecommunications ❏ Business & Industrial ❏ Occasions & Gifts If you own a business and considering to advertise your business  on internet, please feel free to share your requirement.  Contact Information:  Devashish Biswas eCaps Internet Solutions Email: devashish.biswas@eCaps.net Mobile: +91­965­4072­570 Phone: +91­114­0768­827 Web: http://www.ecaps.net Confidential Document 5