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Emergent norm theory

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Emergent norm theory

  1. 1. What is Emergent Norm Theory? Turner 1974, Turner and Kiligan 1957.
  2. 2. Emergent Norm Theory? • Created by Sociologist R.H. Turner. • Here starts by saying that a crowd has no order, organisation or specific ‘norms’ governing their behaviour. • When people conform, they are conforming to a group norm. • Why then do people conform, if crowds don’t have a norm governing their behaviour?
  3. 3. So….
  4. 4. • When a crowd gathers, for example to a protest, the goal may be to protest, but as the individuals do not know each other, there is no norms governing behaviour, and therefore nothing to conform too…. • Distinctive individuals behave in a specific way that establishes a group norm. • There is therefore an assumption of pressure to conform to the behavior of distinctive individuals. • The result is an ‘emergent norm’
  5. 5. Scenario. • At a Belfast Flags protest (Jan. 2013), members of the Loyalist Community gathered to protest at the decision to remove the union flag from Belfast City Hall. • The protest descended into disorder when individuals began attached the city hall and attempted to storm the building. • Police attempted to keep order and this led to public rioting against the police.
  6. 6. A Comparative Explanation. • Explain this disorder using the following theories. • 1. Le Bon • 2. Sigmund Freud. • 3. Research into Conformity. • 4. Deindividuation. • 5. Social Identity Theory. • 6. Emergent Norm Theory.