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Sports promotion terms

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Sports promotion terms

  1. 1. MaynardHow am I influenced?
  2. 2. Promotion Planning Event marketing - All activities associated with the sale distribution and promotion of sports event Promotion of the event by the league or event committee - Helps to create interest and ticket sales as well as draw an audience of radio listeners and television viewers Winning teams and popular events that attract a large number of people - Can charge more for sponsorships and licensing agreements
  3. 3.  Percentage of sales - Sports organizations may use a set percentage or portion of last year sales or the coming year sales to decide on the funds for the promotional budget Competitive parity - A company looks for industry trends on how much to spend Objective and task management - Companies that objectives for the promotion and decide what promotional activities are necessary to reach those objectives
  4. 4. Promotion Promotion is - Any form of communication that a business or organization uses to inform or persuade people to buy its products Market research shows that - The average person is exposed to more than 2000 advertisements in a week Each article of clothing is considered - An advertisement because it displays the companys name A 1-page print advertisement can cost - As much as $80,000
  5. 5.  When publicity is negative - the organization that provides the product needs to change the negative to positive as quickly as possible For example - when a product is considered dangerous for you such as a toy, the problem must be solved or the product must be recalled and fixed In entertainment marketing when a motion picture is reviewed by industry critics on TV - The review is considered publicity because the name and the content of the motion picture are being presented in a promotional format to inform the public
  6. 6. Promoting Entertainment When music albums, motion pictures and TV shows win awards - There is often an increase in sales from the positive publicity In entertainment marketing for example, when a person calls Ticketmaster to order concert tickets - The salesperson may try to increase the quality of tickets as well as the cost of the ticket so that the company makes more money and the customer has a more enjoyable experience
  7. 7. Variety of Promotions Media advertisement - Any form of advertising that uses media such as television and radio the Internet newspapers or magazines to promote For example, the film Finding Nemo was promoted using a tie-in with McDonalds happy meal - Which helped to increase awareness and sales of both products The backside of the ticket - may offer discounts at the concession stand where food and drinks are sold
  8. 8.  Product placement is - The locating and negotiating a prominent placements for a companys product or name as a prop in media such as film TV radio or video games Critics of product placement may say - That the practice contributes to over commercialization and detracts from the entertainment Others might argue - That good product placement lens to realism in films and TV shows
  9. 9.  It is important to consider the variety of diverse markets - That might be interested in a product For example, Tommy Hilfiger discovered - All marketing efforts to appeal to upper income Caucasian men were unsuccessful African-Americans were becoming the largest buyers of this product line
  10. 10. PROMOTION Promotional mix – advertising, publicity, personal selling, sales promotion Promotional Promotional Ex. Objectives Goals inform increase customer new Ipad awareness persuade Increase sales 3 day sale remind Increase market happy GAP ad share
  11. 11. Media Criteria Credibility - Perception of media by market Cost– Unit cost –per one message, absolute cost –for entire project Lead Time - Amt of time to notify media prior to posting message Lifetime - Amt of time message lasts Attention grabbing/appeals to senses - With in first 3 secs – or else change channel, flip page Environmental issues - Recyclable, reusable
  12. 12.  Flexibility - Use for many types of products Frequency - # of times 1 person in target market gets the message Reach - # of people who get the message at least 1 time Reproducibility - Ability to use the same message again Selectivity - Ability to choose a distinct target market to hear message
  13. 13. Types of Media: Print:  Internet  Newspaper  Banner  Magazine  Keyword  Yellow Pages  Interstitial  Webcasting/email Broadcast  Radio  Other  Television  Direct mail  Gifts  Outdoor signs  Corporate sponsorships