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Teacherpreneur-Concept & Strategies

Teacherpreneur-Concept, Skills, Roles And Strategies to become a Teacherpreneur

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Teacherpreneur-Concept & Strategies

  1. 1. WELCOME
  3. 3. ROMAN SAINI-Founder of UNACADEMY
  4. 4. LEVEL-1
  5. 5. Teacherpreneurs are classroom experts who teach students regularly, but also have time, space, and reward to incubate and execute their own ideas -- just like entrepreneurs!
  6. 6. Teacher + Entrepreneur
  7. 7. -
  8. 8. -
  9. 9. DEFINITION A classroom teacher or school based leader who is both educator and entrepreneur; An educator who works a flexible and/or freelance schedule; and/or an educator with a ‘side hustle’ that supplements his/her income.
  10. 10. An educator who combines his/her creativity, skills and expertise to develop products, resources and/or services for additional income.
  11. 11. •Different Roles of Teacherpreneur Original content creator in Youtube Social media manager, DIGITAL COURSE CREATORS Collaborator with other teacherpreneurs Marketing guru , Presenter Blog writer , MOOC Instructor Image designer Blogger Guest speaker & Trainer Consulting Ghost writing Website or curriculum design, Video maker School owners Parent outreach
  12. 12. Skills to become a Teacherpreneur -Public speaking -Adaptability-To adapt to different audiences and needs -Flexibility- To be flexible and also know when to draw the line (sometimes ;-) -Passion -Purpose -Interpersonal skills
  13. 13. Benefits to become a Teacherpreneur It Increases Your Impact. I It Will Make You A Better Teacher. Teaching Can be Continued.
  14. 14. LEVEL 3 FINISHED
  15. 15. Strategy to Become a Teacherpreneur 1.Develop your professional network 2.Create a personal brand 3.Find extra sources of income 4.Start blogging 5.Get international qualifications 6.Think up some ways to diversify your income sources.
  16. 16. Roadmap to Teacherpreneur Journey Create something new. Observe the trends. Diversify your income Do not be afraid of experiments Talk to people Sleep more Never stop learning
  17. 17. Keywords for a Teacherpreneur Lead, collaborate, improve, demonstrate exemplary practice, monitor, expand, model, lead by example, conduct, initiate, promote, broaden, review, ensure, co-ordinate, use comprehensive knowledge, implement professional dialogue, advocate, lead strategies to support high level professional learning, identify and build.
  18. 18. Practical tool 2 to create a new product/ service – Questions To be asked. What contribution do I want to make during my life? What are my strong points as a person, a teacher, a professional? What do I enjoy doing? What problems/ challenges/ difficulties do my students/ colleagues/ friends have? How can I help them?
  19. 19. CONTACT MUHAMMED BAVA KH (A leading Digital Tools Trainer for Teachers &Trainers ) ASSISTANT PROFESSOR MEA ENGINEERING COLLEGE PERINTHALMANNA mbavooz@gmail.com muhammedbava@meaec.edu.in +91 9447544224 www.muhammedbava.in
  20. 20. Thank You All

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Teacherpreneur-Concept, Skills, Roles And Strategies to become a Teacherpreneur


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