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Asbury Park Redevelopment Study

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Graphical study for a conceptual redevelopment project on a vacant parcel of land in the waterfront redevelopment zone in Asbury Park, NJ

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Asbury Park Redevelopment Study

  1. 1. >>Asbury Park Redevelopment Study >>Marley Bice Design Portfolio >> Fall 2011http://blog.nj.com/beach/2007/06/party_town_of_the_past_party_t.html
  2. 2. Asbury Park Redevelopment Study Don’t call it a come back story! The Town>> Asbury Park, New Jersey has undergoneseveral generations of decline and rebirth since itwas founded in 1874. At various times, it has beenan up-scale resort town, an undergound musicscene and a gay community mecca. Today, interesthas been renewed in planning a future for AsburyPark that combines the successful aspects of allthree of these types of development. The Site Map modified from: http://mapas.owje.com/maps/10038_asbury->> This portfolio is the story of my concept vi- park-city-map-new-jersey-united-states-1920.html Nsion for a parcel of vacant land at the intersectionof Cookman and Asbury Avenues, one block fromthe famous Asbury Park boardwalk and casino.>> The study site is located in the area identifiedfor prime renewal by the Waterfront RedevelopmentPlan (2002). This concept plan meets many of theWaterfront Redevelopment Plan’s goals includingencouraging new residential development, creatingpedestrian-friendly streets, making Asbury Park aplace for families and ... Bringing the city back down to the ocean! 1 inch = approximately 200 feet1 AutoCAD Work AutoCAD Work
  3. 3. Asbury Park Redevelopment Study FLOOR PLAN The Floor Plan 8 FIRST FLOOR 11 5 2-8" SECOND FLOOR 11 THIRD FLOOR 19 FEATURES DINING MASTER >> The site features 72, 2 bedroom, PORCH 10 PATIO ROOM 10 BEDROOM 9-8" 8-4" SUNROOM 2.5 bathroom townhomes. Each 16-6" 16-6" townhouse has four porches, two on 3-6" 25 4-2" the front of each unit and two on the 7-2" 3-6" OPEN TO 2-8" back, and a private green roof terrace. 16-6" BELOW The open design also features a study KITCHEN STUDY 6-4" nook and a sunroom. 24 NOOK 7-1" 8 4 6-8" 2-4" 16-10" LIVING 5-8" 3-8" GREEN ROOF AND >> Tenants and owners have the ROOM TERRACE 3-10" 5-6" BEDROOM 7-2" benefit of shared open green space 13 PORCH 5 3-6" PORCH and a prime location between Asbury 3 PLANTER 3 Park’s up-and-coming retail district 6 13-2" on Cookman Avenue, and the famous 14 6 and historic Asbury Park Boardwalk.AutoCAD Work 2
  4. 4. Asbury Park Redevelopment Study The Main Gate The Aerial View3 Google SketchUp Work AutoCAD Work
  5. 5. Asbury Park Redevelopment Study The Driveway Entrance COOKMAN PARK >> The townhome development will excentuate the unique triangular shape of the site. The efficient park- ing lot layout will help maximize the shared open space available. The site also features a public park at the prominent interseciton of Cookman Avenue and Asbury Avenue. The View from Cookman Ave.Google SketchUp WorkAutoCAD Work 42
  6. 6. Asbury Park Redevelopment Study Current Conditions The Landscape Today>> Currently the site sits vacantand possibly contaminated. The lastknown use of the site was a gas stationin the 1980s. The lot to the south, onthe opposite side of Cookman Avenue,was recently developed into up-scalecondominiums. This proposal willcomplement the adjacent residentialuses while bringing new developmentback down towards the ocean andboardwalk.>> The existing on-street parkingand bus stop will be preserved andthe sidewalks bordering the site willbe widened to ten feet to provide formore free pedestrian movement be-tween the Cookman retail center andthe boardwalk.5 Recent Photographs AutoCAD Work
  7. 7. Asbury Park Redevelopment Study Vision Looking Down Cookman Avenue at SunsetAdobe Photoshop WorkAutoCAD Work 62
  8. 8. Asbury Park Redevelopment Study Vision for the Intersection of Kingley Street and Cookman Avenue7 AdobeAutoCAD Work Photoshop Work
  9. 9. Asbury Park Redevelopment Study Historic Context >> The historic context of the development site is very important and interesting. It turns out the development site was at the center of the water- front hotel district in the 1920s and 1930s and is just across the street from the former location of the famous Palace Amusements which at one time included a full-size ferris wheel (see photograph on the cover page). >> The historic geogrpahy of the site will also play a role in the saleability of the units. Potential ten- ants and owners will appreciate the site’s proximity to both the Cookman Avenue shops and restaurants and the historic boardwalk with its own grouping of seasonal restaurants and shops.Adobe Illustrator WorkAutoCAD Work 82
  10. 10. >>Asbury ParkRedevelopment Study>>Marley Bice