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BIMstorm Overview - 31 Slides

A collaborative "Brain Storm" using a web-based BIM server - a BIMstorm is a dynamic, on-line planning process that increases productivity and profitability.

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BIMstorm Overview - 31 Slides

  1. 1. High Performance Housing Summit: Based on a proven, web-based “brain storm”
  2. 2. Paradigm shift = dramatic difference: The Summit shows web-based BIM is a proven process
  3. 3. Many people using many software programs have shown the advanced benefits of BIM STORM
  4. 4. The Summit will leverage the Award-winning processes to show rapid planning capabilities available for Military Housing energy plans
  5. 5. Web-based Building Information Model Software allows accurate work, faster to achieve savings in ways that have not been possible before
  6. 6. ONUMA Planning System BIM Web Server allows many programs to share Information
  7. 7. Information in progams such as Excel can be contributed by anyone...many can participate c
  8. 8. For the AIA BIM Award-winning BIM STORM many buildings were created - One will be our focus
  9. 9. A high-rise building generated from an Excel spreadsheet includes details for every room
  10. 10. Many different programs use this information to make many design decisions concurrently
  11. 11. Data is shared among many programs - it is not about one program, it is about accurate sharing
  12. 12. Decisions about many different critical issues are made with Open Standards data sharing
  13. 13. Analysis beyond design and construction assists with critical Life-Cycle Cost Decisions
  14. 14. We will now show how to take information about the one building and use it at a different site
  15. 15. The informaition about the high rise is in the ONUMA online database - Secure & Accessible
  16. 16. The data can be “landed” on any site around the world in Google Earth - Quickly and Easily
  17. 17. Original analysis and calculations about every room in the building stays with the model
  18. 18. All sponsorship information and education links to software instructions remain in the model
  19. 19. The new site conditions required multiple, low-rise buildings that were quickly extracted
  20. 20. The low-rise buildings are easily planned and configured based on the new site conditions
  21. 21. All of the previously generated data remains attached to the newly configured buildings
  22. 22. More site-specific information is added by local experts providing knowledge via web processes
  23. 23. Very accurate visual representation help people make decisions faster than previously possible ...
  24. 24. ...all based on Excel spreadsheet data shared among many programs via the web
  25. 25. US Green Building Council LEED energy ratings are instantly calculated for the new buildings
  26. 26. Material take-off reports, cost reports and many other reports are instantly available
  27. 27. Data is exported to many other programs for exploration and analysis - SketchUP (above)
  28. 28. The data is expanded upon and given more detail in programs such as Revit (above)
  29. 29. Highly refined concepts are created in 2 hours based on the original Excel spreadsheet data
  30. 30. High Performance Housing Summit: Using proven, web-based “brain storm” proceses, we will demonstrate energy-saving housing plans and renewable energy generation planning.
  31. 31. Edited by: BIM Education Co-op ™ www.BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888