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Program2BIM Webinar Series Press Statement from ONUMA and Asset Leadership Network

Kimon Onuma is providing and series of webinars to educate people about the use of a Services Oriented Architecture approach to web-based data sharing. He is getting really good at explaining a ground-breaking approach to building industry business processes. As one person once commented, "This changes everything."

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Program2BIM Webinar Series Press Statement from ONUMA and Asset Leadership Network

  1. 1. PROGRAM2BIM - Web-based Asset Data Sharing Webinar Series June 6, 2016 - Pasadena, Calif. - ONUMA, Inc. is providing a free PROGRAM2BIM webinar series on asset information structuring and sharing. Lead by Kimon Onuma, FAIA, the company is an award-winning leader of web-based data sharing that benefits portfolio owners and has been organizing public education forums for more than two decades. The four webinars are focused on the significant lifecycle benefits of using open standards to share asset information on the web in real time. This allows use of mobile devices in a way the leverages the Big Data phenomenon and provides dramatic, measurable results. The webinars will be every Thursday in June at 2 pm Eastern. Registration is available at: http://bimedu.weebly.com/Webinars.html The first webinar focuses on the information needs of Building Owners. The following three webinars explain how Consultants, Manufacturers and IT Professionals can better serve Building Owners with mobile, web-based data sharing expertise. The first webinar will feature representatives of the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense and the US Army Corps of Engineers. The publicly available work that has been done for these significant owners will be shared. A discussion of benefits from improved asset information management will suggest policy language that can be implemented in short-term demonstration projects. The other three webinars will feature cases studies from companies and professionals who serve owners of asset portfolios. The free webinars will provide instructional training exercises that are immediately actionable by owners of any asset portfolio type. Jim Dieter, Executive Director of the Asset Leadership Network says, “The management of asset data is a core element of any asset management system. The Information Age tools and business processes being taught in this webinar series can be a foundation for establishing an asset management system for any type of asset.” The Asset Leadership Network is supporting the PROGRAM2BIM webinar series and will assist associations in customizing the tests for their specific Dieter led the U.S. delegation for the ISO 55000 asset management standard series, which was published in 2014. “’Information Management’ is the title of ISO 55001 section 7.5. The Information Management system being freely shared in this webinar series can be beneficial to any asset category,” says Dieter.
  2. 2. Dieter comments are featured in the single “overture” for the webinars. He is quoted as saying, “People tend to divide assets into three categories, People, Money and Stuff. There have been a lot resources put into managing people and money. It is time to focus on ‘Stuff.’” Dieter says he is confident about the webinar to impart meaningful information because it is being organized by the company that spearheaded the 2015 Asset Leadership Impact Award for Federal Agency Collaboration. That award was won by the US. Department of Defense, Defense Health Agency; the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs; Office of Management and Budget; U.S. Navy; National Institute of Building Sciences and Consultants. Onuma, Inc. led the Consultants. Kimon Onuma, FAIA, says, “The free PROGRAM2BIM webinar series will provide specific instructions on how to structure data using open standards for web sharing. Additional material will be available to those who want to validate their capabilities with the Information Age tools and business processes now available.” Onuma is the Chair of the buildingSMART alliance Thought Leadership and is a previous Chair of the American Institute of Architects’ Technology in Architectural Practice Knowledge Community. The PROGRAM2BIM webinar series will explain and demonstrate the information management policies that can allow all Federal Agencies and other asset portfolio owners to gain significant Information Age benefits. For more information and registration visit: http://bimedu.weebly.com/Webinars.html (End) Contact Mike Bordenaro, BIM Education Co-op, Co-founder, mbordenaro @ cs dot com (312) 307-3732