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DCU-Fuse: 24 Hour Online Collaborative Brainstorm

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Presentation at QS Wharton Reimagine Education Conference, Philadelphia, 4th December 2017.

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DCU-Fuse: 24 Hour Online Collaborative Brainstorm

  1. 1. @mbrownz DCU-Fuse: 24 Hour Online Collaborative Brainstorm
  2. 2. @mbrownz DCU-Fuse: 24 Hour Online Collaborative Brainstorm
  3. 3. @mbrownz Transformation Sustainability Collaboration Openness Inclusion Core Ethical Principles
  4. 4. http://dcufuse.ie
  5. 5. 32 separate conversations over four strands
  6. 6. www.discourse.org
  7. 7. Academic Staff 22% Alumni 8% External Guests 10% Postgrad Student 5% Undergrad Student 24% Professional Staff 31% Who took part… 21 Countries Average Time on Platform: 74 minutes
  8. 8. 56% 67% 70% 72% 78% 78% 84% I felt comfortable expressing my opinion and providing input to an online discussion forum Participating in DCU Fuse was a good use of my time I understood how the conversations related to aspects of the strategic planning process at DCU The platform is a good way to solicit views and allow large groups of people to contribute to debates The topics covered a wide range of areas within the university in a transparent manner I found using DCU Fuse to be an interesting experience The conversation topics were relevant to my work/ study/ activity at DCU
  9. 9. "DCU-Fuse brought large-scale town hall meetings to the 21st Century online environment. This level of commitment to ensuring all opinions are heard, is part of a holistic model everyone at DCU is proud of. By being self-reflective and inquisitive in this manner, all aspects of the student experience can be improved, creating an even better institution” (Niall Behan, Students' Union President)
  10. 10. @mbrownz Go raibh maith agaibh! Thank you