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The archived Canadian US Patent Competitive Intelligence Database (2016/6/21)

  1. Muchiu (Henry) Chang, PhD. Cantab. June 21, 2016 Directory of Canadian US Patent Holders - The latest Competitive Intelligence (CI) and intellectual Ecosystem of Canada
  2. Figure 1, Global US patent holding
  3. Figure 2, US patent holding in major economy entities in the world
  4. • The charges for the use of IP caused $7.5 billions of foreign trade deficit, about 16.6% of the total foreign trade deficit ($45 billions); • The foreign trade deficit in the charges for the use of IP wiped out all the surplus made from the efforts of Computer and information services and R&D; • Knowledge-based is not good enough; • Patent CI can help to improve the IP export. The Impact of Intellectual Property (IP) on 2014 Canadian Foreign Trade © Muchiu (Henry) Chang 2016
  5. 2013 Statistics** of the US Trade Balance with Canada in the Charges for the Use of IP (in US$millions) © Muchiu (Henry) Chang 2016 • The US had US$9105 of trade surplus over Canada in the charges for the use of IP; • This is the third largest IP trade suprplus, only next to European Union (US$31772) and Ireland (US$12279);. * Source: US Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Table 2.3. U.S. Trade in Services, by Country or Affiliation and by Type of Service
  6. Database of Canadian US Patent Holders and Competitive Intelligence (CI) • Synchronized with USPTO patent database to provide “no-older-than-7-day” information about Canada’s patent competitive advantage in the US market; • Until June 21, 2016, there are 6241 Canadian US patents owners (2793 of them are in Ontario) tracked by this database; • This database tracks information about who they are, where they are, what they patented and if they are getting stronger or weaker; • Provided synergy on economic related issues. © Muchiu (Henry) Chang 2016
  7. Canadian Patent Landscape in the US Market • Ontario is the largest US patent hub province; Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo CMA, Markham, Drummondville are the top US patent hosting geographical areas in Canada respectively (normalized by population). © Muchiu (Henry) Chang 2016
  8. If you need the latest intelligence regarding: • the names of 6,000+ Canadian US patent owners in all business sectors, from coast to coast; and their detailed patent strengths and trends of these Canadian companies in the US market, please feel free to contact: Dr. Muchiu (Henry) Chang +1-416-828-5676 © Muchiu (Henry) Chang 2016
  9. Figure 3, Annual Patent Statistics by Provinces
  10. Figure 4, US Patent Statistics by Geographical Areas