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OCCIware @ Paris Open Source Summit 2017 - a standard, extensible Cloud consumer platform

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Who uses multi cloud today ? Everybody. Alas, this leads to a lot of "technical glue". Enter OCCIware's Studio and Runtime : manage all layers and domains of the Cloud (XaaS) in a uniform, standard, extensible way - the Cloud consumer platform.
This presentation first introduces the OCCIware platform - the result of 3 years of R&D by French Open Source companies and labs led byb Smile and Inria. It then shows a live demonstration of how its component helps an IoT, Linked & Big Data, containerized Cloud solution to let electricity consumption be monitored across territories by all actors - individuals, utility providers, up to regional public bodies.
Keywords : nodeMCU/ESP8266, JSON-LD, Spark, react.js, Docker, and obviously Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI).
With demos of OCCIware's visual Docker & Linked Data Studios, OCCInterface web playground.

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OCCIware @ Paris Open Source Summit 2017 - a standard, extensible Cloud consumer platform

  1. 1. OCCIware standard, extensible Cloud consumer platform : an end-to-end demo (IoT, Linked Data, Spark, Docker) Marc Dutoo, Smile Paris Open Source Summit 2017 – Automation Track
  2. 2. Overview Speaker – Marc Dutoo, R&D projects lead at Smile ● OCCIware coordinator, Data / API / Cloud expert Schedule – OCCI(ware) introduction – XaaS cloud consumer platform – Smart City use case – IoT to Big Linked Open Data analytics – Quick demo – Docker Studio, custom Linked Data extension, runtime and Playground, and more – What's next for OCCIware – and you !
  3. 3. OCCI(ware) Introduction XaaS cloud consumer platform
  4. 4. A quick question... Who uses multi cloud today ?
  5. 5. A quick question... Who uses multi cloud today ? … everybody ● Docker in devops, and Kubernetes in production ● AWS, except when its Service – Task model of scalability is not fine enough ● National clouds to ensure data jurisdiction ● … as soon as appears in your application a new need that calls for a cheaper / faster / more robust / more scalable / ... Cloud
  6. 6. Cloud Computing – the problem
  7. 7. Why OCCI ? • So this makes for partitioning, lock-in... • And a lot of technical glue, therefore making it all hard to maintain • The OCCI standard advocates a unified, uniform architectural approach - to separate this glue (connectors) - from business logic consuming them through the standard, generic OCCI REST HTTP API • ... the rise of the Cloud consumer platform
  8. 8. OCCIware Product
  9. 9. OCCI 101 OCCI Core (metamodel) Network Container Environment Compute - memory - started - start() Database Application Storage Router Deployable NetworkLink DatabaseLink EnvironmentLink Everything is Resource or Link, be it at … Platform level Infrastructure level Application level OCCI Extensions (models) + flexible typing thanks to Aspect- like Mixins
  10. 10. OCCIware Objective Managing Everything as a Service in the clouds Software as a Service (SaaS) Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) Linked Data as a Service (LDaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) Container as a Service (CaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) DataCenter as a Service (DCaaS) Network as a Service (NaaS)
  11. 11. OCCIware Factsheet • 72 man year, 5,6m€ budget, sponsored by French ministry of Industry over 2015-2018 • 3 academics, 5 companies, 2 associations • To lower Cloud Computing adoption costs and break up barriers between its various implementations, layers, domains - Especially Data Center, deployment, Big Data, Linked Data • By bringing to OGF's Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) the power of formal languages and model driven engineering (MDE)
  12. 12. Powered by
  13. 13. OCCI Designer OCCI textual DSL Docker Designer Wiki doc
  14. 14. OCCIware Runtime - end-to-end OCCI API call chain Studio XML- based Extensio n Cloud Manager OCCI Requests LDaaS PaaS IaaS HTTP runtime HTTP runtime HTTP runtime HTTP runtime
  15. 15. IoT to Big Linked Open Data Analytics Use case : energy consumption monitoring
  16. 16. Monitor energy consumption ● Not only per user, or per utility provider company, ● but also per city, region, activity... Such multi-point of view data requires an open world approach of data : Linked Data.
  17. 17. Linked Data, as a Service Electricity consumption Linked Data
  18. 18. Mongo primary Mongo primary Mongo seconda ry Mongo seconda ry Mongo synchro VMVM VMVM Energy consumption probes Deep data analysis Datacore server APIDatacore server APILD OCCI APILD OCCI API Ozwillo Infrastructure Project governance LDProject status: published LDProject robust: false LDProject storage: secondary LDNode name: main VMVM Mongo seconda ry Mongo seconda ry 3.2.1. import bridge Blynk gateway Energy Linked Data server
  19. 19. A point on the IoT integration
  20. 20. Quick demo – Docker Studio, custom extension, NodeMCU, Spark
  21. 21. Cloud Studio, with Docker
  22. 22. Custom Studio for LdaaS (Linked Data as a Service)
  23. 23. Docker Studio IaaS - Virtual Box machine
  24. 24. Docker Studio IaaS - Ozwillo machine
  25. 25. Docker Studio … started !
  26. 26. SaaS - Linked Data with dedicated analytics entry point Linked Data Studio
  27. 27. … using a specific mongodb replica within its cluster ! Linked Data Studio
  28. 28. … piloted live ! Big news – Now an OW2 project ! OCCI web Playground http://occinterface.herokuapp.com/
  29. 29. Allowing to not hamper data collaboration performance when aggregating energy consumption - results shown here : ...by consumer ...by his city
  30. 30. Latest news from OCCIware - OCCI Studio : v2, contribute to Eclipse.org in 2018, simulation plugins https://github.com/occiware/OCCI-Studio - & Docker Studio & VMWare, OpenShift, Monitoring, SLA, QoS extensions - Runtime : end-to-end, SaaS / PaaS / IaaS OCCI platform - MART OCCI server, ActiveEon Multi-IaaS & Roboconf PaaS connectors - web Playground now in OW2 http://occinterface.herokuapp.com/ - OCCI monitoring (Tinom : OCCI monitoring for Java) for QoS (OCCI SLA extensions) and scalability (on Roboconf) - Use cases : Datacenter, Big Data, Deployment, Linked Data IoT analytics - Inria startup, Smile Linked Data as a Service offering... - … and contribute back to OCCI 2.0 standard !
  31. 31. Any questions ? Thanks for your attention ! Contact : http://www.occiware.org - philippe.merle at inria.fr, marc.dutoo at smile.fr, christophe.dorothee at smile.fr Source : https://github.com/occiware Partners : Sponsors : DGE (PIA) & System@tic, SCS, Images & Réseaux, PICOM, Minalogic clusters