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Helsingborg Apr 2010 Notes

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Helsingborg Apr 2010 Notes

  1. Building Bridges with Social Media <br />Helsingborg, April 2010<br />philip.young@sunderland.ac.uk<br />@mediations<br />
  2. Travelling from Sweden to Denmark<br />Wanting an iPad to owning an iPad<br />Meeting someone to marrying someone<br />Getting from A to B<br />
  3. Plus ca change…..<br />Everything Changes<br />Nothing Changes<br />
  4. Where does social media fit into our business world?<br />Who is using social media – and how does it affect you?<br />How do we identify key influencers and how do we engage with them?<br />Three Questions<br />
  5. What is PR?<br />What is PR?<br />Information + Publicity + Promotion<br />Reputation management<br />Relationship management<br />How does Social Media change this?<br />
  6. Do you come here often?<br />Information + Publicity + Promotion<br />
  7. What’s your name?What do you do?Are you married?<br />
  8. Here’s what they say...<br />
  9. But here’s another view...<br />1 million subscribers can’t be wrong.... Can they?<br />
  10. What is social software?<br />Social networks<br />Facebook, My Space, Bebo<br />Picture sharing + Video sharing<br />YouTube, Flickr<br />Weblogs (blogs)<br />Twitter<br />Podcasting<br />Download Mp3s/ soundfiles<br />Wikis<br />Collaborative working<br />
  11. Markets are conversations<br />Command control comms is dead<br />Customers are shaping your (online) reputation right now<br />They are using social media – but how?<br />We are all connected, whenever we want and wherever we are<br />Everyone of us has an online reputation<br />The new (PR) reality<br />
  12. Two types of conversation<br />The messages that you want to put out …<br />The conversation around your organisation.... whether you like it or not!<br />
  13. The Old PR<br />
  14. The Old PR<br />
  15. The New PR<br />
  16. The new content is….<br />Linked<br />Aggregated<br />Consumer-generated<br />Influenced by experience and peer values<br />Averse to corporate messages<br />
  17. Key concepts<br />Social media makes PR think about...<br />Reach<br />Transparency<br />Porosity<br />
  18. The media has changed<br />We are all content creators<br />Online thought leaders will spot your problem before you do<br />People demand content and engagement (pull)<br />Even your most loyal users/supporters scarcely think about you<br />The new (PR) reality<br />
  19. User posts 142 character updates that can contain pictures and weblinks<br />Follow other users (read their Tweets)<br />ReTweet things you like – cascade messages<br />Send messages publicly @mediations or privately DM – direct message<br />How does Twitter work<br />
  20. As a news feed – tell people what is happening<br />As your ears: <br />Follow opinion leaders/ stakeholders<br />As a search tool (trending etc)<br />Be disciplined, be systematic<br />Use a client service such as Tweetdeck<br />How to use Twitter<br />
  21. It’s about User Generated Content: <br />Others are doing the work for you <br />– whether you like it or not!!!<br />Understand YouTube<br />Use Flickr (photo-sharing)<br />Upload your material<br />Use what is already out there<br />Social Media is visual<br />
  22. What does the Bridge look like?<br />
  23. News: <br />Texts, tweets, iPhone apps<br />Relationship<br />Blog, video, storytelling, maps, ideas<br />Engagement<br />Be there: give – and respond<br />The Bridge must talk<br />
  24. Who is talking about you and what are they saying?<br />Identifying trends, engaging in conversations. <br />Hearing the important voices amidst the noise.<br />It’s about listening<br />
  25. You might try...<br />Google Reader<br />Bloglines<br />Netvibes<br />Friend Feed<br />News Reader<br />
  26. Who’s saying what, where?<br />
  27. Who’s talking about you NOW?<br />
  28. Privacy is in the past. It’s gone. It’s history (18)<br />In the internet age, your personal brand or identity is never off duty and your reputation is always switched on. (17)<br />Imagine a scenario where every bad decision you made or every indiscretion was opened up for all to see. Scary thought.<br />Welcome to the very connected world we now live in. (19) <br />The stakes are high <br />
  29. “Privacy is dead. Get over it.”<br />Do your staff know what they can and can’t do with social media?<br />Do your managers?<br />Do you?<br />Where are the boundaries?<br />Where should they look?<br />So is yours...<br />
  30. PR can be principally about saying the <br />RIGHT things (message) <br />To the RIGHT people (audience)<br />In the RIGHT ways (channel/ tone)<br />(But don’t forget to listen!!!!)<br />The are Three Rs in PR...<br />
  31. Influencing and controlling the flow of information around an organisation, product or service<br />Forming and maintaining a relationship between an organisation and its stakeholders<br />(Arguably) enabling conversations between an organisation and its stakeholders<br />(Ideally) Public Relations<br />
  32. Delivering the New PR<br />Markets are conversations<br />We are seeing the end of ‘command and control’ model of PR<br />
  33. The new content is….<br />Linked<br />Aggregated<br />Consumer-generated<br />Influenced by experience and peer values<br />Averse to corporate messages<br />
  34. Porosity means...<br />Fewer secrets<br />Cultural change<br />Dialogue and collaboration<br />Need for guidelines<br />PR has to rethink notions of employee privacy<br />Social Media is a journalistic source<br />What is private and what is organisational?<br />
  35. 1. Social Media matters – use it, understand it<br />2. Social Media is a communications issue<br />3. Think big – audit your social media presence (think from an outsider’s perspective)<br />4. Think small – use individual projects to their full potential <br />5. Allocate time for social media – tools are cheap, time commitment isn’t!!!!<br />Takeways<br />
  36. Brown, B (2009) Public Relations and the Social Web London: Kogan Page<br /> <br />Halpern, L & Murphy, R (2009) Personal Reputation Management: Making the Internet Work for YouLondon:Halpern Cowan <br /> <br />Phillips, D and Young, P (2009) Online Public Relations2nd Ed London: Kogan Page<br />Further Reading<br />

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