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  1. 1. Despondency + De motivation + Depression = STRESS Stressed over stressful life? Human beings, who are structured in such way that makes them bound to often experience stress. Above all, we need to understand it’s not the circumstances, but how we tackle against these circumstances, decides the quantum of stress in our lives. Find out its cause Stress can enter into your life at any stage. It’s only you who can single out the causes of stress in your life, be it loss of some loved one, prolonged illness, solitude, job dissatisfaction, sensitive nature, over emotional, thinking over negative things, bullying in friend circle, family turmoil or reason could be endless.
  2. 2. Stress can also be caused, ever since some loved one of yours is undergoing stressful life. In case of acute stress disorder or PSTD (post traumatic stress disorder) where stress gets overwhelming which may be due to heavy financial loss, natural disaster, accident, sudden death of someone and so forth, one needs to see a specialist doctor. Stress- A silent killer Do you know exactly what a persisting stress can cause? Revealed below are some of the consequences of stress on Physical body, mind and emotional state of a person. Read to know how much you knew before: Physical ramifications: A prolonged stress can ruin a human body completely. Depending upon the stress level, its aftermaths can be: a) Normal : One can have a headache, muscles or chest pain, fatigue and insomnia. Receding hairline and dark spots under eyes sometimes signals prevailing stress in life.
  3. 3. b) Mild: You may suffer from regular stomach upset, stooped posture to large weight gain or loss. With sweaty palms, you may feel like dying sex drive of yours. c) Severe: A mild stomach upset can turn undesirably into IBS (Intestinal Bowel Syndrome), in case stress persists too long. Constant worry is an open invitation to lifelong diseases like Blood Pressure, Diabetes, heart risks and so on. Psychological harms: 3 Ds accompany you day in day out are “Despondency, De motivation, Depression”. Amidst stress you’re never going to concentrate since you’re bound to feel anxiety with some reason or no reason at all. With restlessness, you’re likely to witness repeated mood rolling.
  4. 4. Behavioral impacts: Very often it is seen person feeling stress, either overeats or goes out of appetite. He starts over reacting to the things and avoiding social gatherings. He puts on an impulsive nature and start thinking about switching jobs since his wavering mind won’t rest in one particular place. It’s no good worrying over petty things as then, you get inclined to drug/ alcohol addiction. What to do? For not getting life controlled by stress The best medicine to curb stress is you. No doubt, sometimes support given by the family and friends work wonders, but at the end, it’s the only person, himself, who needs to gather courage to restrain tension out of his mind. Here are some of the suggestions in this regard: a) Beginning is half done:
  5. 5. Accept the reality that you’ve dragged yourself into the bog of stress and resolute to come out of it. As a positive intent is the magic potion of all ills. b) Pouring stress down on the paper: You’re sure to feel lighter once you do this. Mention clearly, where is the problem, what are the causes for that and the best possible ways to fix out those. Like, if some negative thought disturbs you, try thinking something positive or doing what your heart likes the most. c) Infuse profuse positivity in life - achieve complete wellness Change your current attitude, change outlook, bring some smart changes in your lifestyle, change everything which calls negativity and see the entire world around you changing
  6. 6. for the better. Simplest ways to bring wellness and burst stress away from your daily life SIMPLE TIPS FOR WELLNESS: Don’t know about wellness, Read more on What is Wellness? 1. Kick off your morning with a leisurely walk, jog or run, as you can’t run the risk of being knocked down by your worries. 2. Sitting in a lush green garden or a nearby park, inhale fresh air and exhale fears. Meditate or do yoga, if you can. As, these recreational activities are believed to be great stress busters that drop down the anxiety level and charges you up. 3. Make exercise a must do activity of yours. Play with whosoever is available, including your children, colleagues and friends. Above all, you must spend few hours playing. 4. During tough times, especially you’re your stress goes out of control, try keeping things simple. Like, phoning your bestie, attending some social gathering or listening to favorite tunes can really help fine-tune your OFF mood to ON. For more related health news Visit Here. ● https://www.academia.edu/6701206/What_is_stress_How_to_reduce_stress_for_co mplete_wellness ● http://www.scoop.it/t/all-about-health-sports-fitness-dietkart ● http://blog.ideafit.com/blogs/health-fitness-blog/wellbeing-defination-and-factors-t hat-influence-wellbeing ● http://executive.mit.edu/mysloan/articles/detail/?id=6564359 ● http://tracks.roojoom.com/u/lisacoffey,1692/get-healthy-and-fit,3986 ● https://storify.com/DietKart/best-fitness-and-health-resources-on-the-web