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OSE/EIS Timeline for Initial IEP Evaluations

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OSE/EIS Timeline for Initial IEP Evaluations

  1. 1. Michigan Special Education One Pager: Timeline for Initials Initial evaluations and Activity Timeline initial individualized Public Awareness Annually; Ongoing education programs School districts must inform the public (commonly referred to about available special education as ‘initials’) are activities programs and services and how to undertaken for a child who access those programs and services. is not currently receiving This is part of the district’s Child Find special education services. responsibility. These special education Referral Anytime policies are required A child suspected of having a disability under the Individuals with is referred for special education Disabilities Education Act programs and services by contacting (IDEA) and the Michigan school district personnel. Administrative Rules for Special Education Parental Consent to Evaluate Within 10 calendar days (MARSE). A district must contact parents when Counted from the date the a referral is received and request district receives the referral. parental consent to evaluate a child suspected of having a disability. Evaluation Within 30 school days* A Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team Counted from the date (MET) conducts the initial evaluation. the district receives the Parental Consent to Evaluate to completion of the IEP Individualized Education Program (the time to complete the (IEP) Evaluation is included in the The IEP Team is convened to determine 30 school days). eligibility and develop the child’s IEP. The IEP is completed when the district *If the parent and the makes its offer of a Free Appropriate district agree, the timeline Public Education (FAPE) to the child’s for initial activities may be parent. extended beyond 30 school days. Notice to Parent of Intent Within 7 calendar days to Implement Counted from the date the This document is produced by the The completed IEP is given to the superintendent/designee Michigan Department of Education, district superintendent/designee. The receives the IEP. Office of Special Education and Early superintendent provides written notice Intervention Services. To learn more, visit www.michigan.gov/ose-eis and to the parent about where and when select Annual Performance Report/ the district intends to implement the State Performance Plan under the IEP. Special Education & Early Intervention Services tab. For an overview of the Parental Consent for Provision Within 10 calendar days State Performance Plan Child Find Indicator 11, visit www.cenmi.org and of Programs and Services Counted from the date select Special Education Facts under Parent consent is required before the the parent receives the the Documents tab. district is allowed to provide special Notice to Parent of Intent to education programs and services that Implement. are in the IEP. Implementation Within 15 school days The district implements the child’s IEP. Counted from the date of the Notice to Parent of Intent to Michigan Department of Education, Implement. Office of Special Education and Early Intervention Services OSE-EIS Policy Document−MOP001 Revised Date: Publication Date: 11/10/09