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Overpass - Lead Capture and Business Card Scanning

Overpass captures leads and prospects whenever and wherever with just a few taps. Scan, Snap, or Type (barcodes, business cards, or custom forms) and your leads are promptly converted into digital format using human transcription for maximum accuracy and mapping. Create unlimited events. Use tags to mark any prospect with special indicators. Work offline or online and sync whenever a WiFi or data connection is available. Request a CSV of all transcribed leads directly to your email with a single tap.

Optical character recognition of business cards is only 25% accurate. Overpass has administrators in 4 countries that visually verify, inspect and transcribe every card. This means, both printed and handwritten text stays with your contacts.

Whether you scan on a plan, a train or automobile, as soon as you have a connection, your cards are sent to our secure servers and they are back on your phone in minutes.

We all use a variety of tools and Overpass can send your data anywhere. Salesforce, MailChimp, Hubspot and hundreds more formats. See our list of integrations.

Not every contact is the same. Overpass allows you to score the interaction, without any contact data. The transcribed and scanned contacts will be automatically associated with all your notes and lead scores.

You can have an unlimited number of contacts that synch across any device.

Some people prefer raw data, so do we. We provide email delivery of all your transcribed contacts, whenever you want, in an easy to read CSV file.

Overpass is an alternative to purchasing expensive lead retrieval equipment. No matter the contact or badge, take a photo of the attendee, the badge or their business card.

Most scanning systems require fancy hardware, Overpass is available on Android and Apple iOS. Never buy a scanner again.

An intuitive interface eliminates the need for training – you can use it in 5 minutes or less. Human transcription makes it accurate.

No special hardware. Collect contacts by scanning any major 1D and 2D barcodes, snapping a photo of a business card or simply typing in any information.

Contacts are constantly being checked to be synced and transcribed, ensuring the most current information at all times. Works offline too.




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Overpass - Lead Capture and Business Card Scanning

  1. 1. www.getOverpass.com by High Attendance Every Lead. Every Time.
  2. 2. • Accessible always in your pocket • Consistent all leads tagged and annotated properly • Accurate Human transcription for maximum results • WOW Amazingly easy experience and use of technology Why Overpass? 2
  3. 3. Let’s Take A Tour 3
  4. 4. Create Your Overpass Account 4
  5. 5. Add Your Event Details Create a new event along with custom tags and event meta-data such as campaign ID, venue, location, etc. 5
  6. 6. 3 Ways to Capture Leads 6 Scan Snap Type QR Codes, Code 39, & More Business Cards, IDs, Badges Type Freely, Online or Off
  7. 7. Scan 7 Scan the code, add your notes and event tags, Overpass auto- parses the badge contents and transcribes any unmatched fields.
  8. 8. Snap 8 Use lead notes and tags with every lead. Photo options for the front and back of business cards, badges, and other IDs.
  9. 9. Type 9 Type leads directly into Overpass with notes and tags for quick and accurate classification.
  10. 10. Sync Leads in 3 Simple Steps 10 Capture Sync Ready!
  11. 11. Thank You Have More Questions? We’d love to hear from you. 1-800-216-0816 ask@GetOverpass.com 11