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End of solution sales

Sales are no more solutions oriented. It is becoming proactive, beyond solutions and innovation driven.

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End of solution sales

  1. 1. “We have the solution toTYPCIAL meet your needs. We will tailor our products and services so that they fit SALES your reality precisely. Our price is reasonable and well provide excellent PITCH customer service.”
  2. 2. “We have the solution toTYPCIAL meet YOUR needs. We will tailor our products and services so that they SALES fit YOUR reality precisely. Our price is reasonable and well provide PITCH excellent customer service according to YOUR standards.”
  3. 3. REAL INSIGHT• 60% of a typical purchasing decision is done before a company even contacts possible suppliers…in other words, the “Value Add” supposedly contribute is no longer needed THE CLIENT IS WAY AHEAD OF YOU!!!
  4. 4. COMPLEX COMPETITION Things have gotten so complex that most customers cant even comprehend what theirproblems are, let alone distinguish between you and your competitors!!
  5. 5. WHY FAIL ???• Solutions offered by most companies fail to deliver real value for a variety of reasons:• OVER PROMISE UNDER DELIVERY• CUSTOMER IS UNABLE TO IMPLEMENT IT• HIS/HER EXPECTATIONS ARE NOT MET
  7. 7. TURNING SALES CONVERSATION INTO FULFILLMENT CONVERSATION• Engage customers much earlier, even before customers understands their own need.. STRIKE THE IRON WHEN THE IRON IS HOT!!
  8. 8. Make them recognize the pain theyre experiencing in the absence of your solution
  10. 10. MOST COMMON DELLUSIONNow you may be thinking…• “I understand that a solution-focused approach may not work for all companies. But it seems to be working fine for mine. If it isnt broken, why should I fix it ”
  11. 11. WHY CHANGE?Shifting to this new paradigm will not only help you grow tomorrow but will also enable your live to see organization to tomorrow…
  12. 12. KEY FINDINGS• Top sales rep have abandoned the traditional sales techniques and adopted three new strategies1. AVOID THE TRAP OF ESTABLISHED DEMAND2. TARGET MOBILIZERS,NOT ADVOCATES3. COACH THE CUSTOMERS ON HOW TO BUY
  13. 13. STRATEGY#1AVOID THE TRAP OF ESTABLISHED DEMAND• Pay more emphasis on customer potential to change rather than their potential to buy• Star sales rep uses occasions to reframe the discussion• Don’t try to meet the customers existing demands but REDEFINE them(INSIGHT SELLING)
  14. 14. STRATEGY # 2 TARGET MOBILIZERS,NOT ADVOCATES• Traditionally, salespeople look for an advocate, someone that will meet when asked, provide inside information, support them, can influence, have credibility, and stand to personally gain from a deal. In practice, these people can be great talkers, but may have little influence on getting a deal done• Talkers
  15. 15. • Instead, focus on Mobilizers.  These are people that actively look for and advocate massive change in the organization. They are engaged by big, disruptive ideas, not features and functions of a solution.• Go getters,teachers and skeptics
  16. 16. STRATEGY # 3COACH THE CUSTOMERS ON HOW TO BUY to coach them• Most reps rely on a customer through a sale but a star rep coach the customer• Your overarching strategy is to provide insight rather than extract it. Coach instead of being coached
  17. 17. THANK YOU