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DIY Wedding Flowers

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DIY Wedding Flowers

  1. 1. Wholesale FlowersWedding Flower Trends
  2. 2. • Fresh cut flowers make up 75% of florist shop transactions• Specialty cut flowers increased their presence in US homes• Size of the floriculture industry: US$19.4 billion (US Department of Commerce, USA)• Over the last ten years, the supermarket share has grown from 41% to 52%, while the florist shops have lost market share falling to 32% to 20%.• Ten years ago, half the sales of ornamental products in supermarkets were flowers, today they represent two thirds.• Internet sales of flowers through wholesalers like Wholeblossoms.com held its participation at between 5%-6% of the number of transactions. Ipsos/AFE Consumer Tracking study, 2005
  3. 3. Exports by Country Netherlands Germany Canada 1,6% 0,9% 2,0% Japan 2,2% Spain 2,2% Others 3,6%United Kingdom 4,2% Russia 4,4% United States 79%
  4. 4. Interesting Floral Statistics 77% of flowers imported by the USA are Colombian 98% of Peruvian Lilies 97% of Carnations 82% of Chrysanthemums and Pompoms 67% of Roses 35% of other types of flowers for wedding Source: USDA, 2006
  5. 5. International Security is Always High Priority
  6. 6. Who To Contact?• To order fresh cut diy wedding flowers, contact a national flower wholesaler with global reach• Determine flowers needed and place your order as soon as possible to secure• Be available to take delivery of flowers; the perishable nature demands quick hydration• Preparation is key; water buckets, floral supplies and more are needed prior to delivery