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GlobalDSL 2013 - Models, Representations, Animations : The Eclipse Sirius Project and Gemoc

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GlobalDSL 2013 - Models, Representations, Animations : The Eclipse Sirius Project and Gemoc

  1. 1. Models, Representations, Animations The Eclipse Sirius Project and Gemoc Mélanie Bats / Obeo      
  2. 2. Your domain, your language, your representation Each domain as its own specific vocabulary : Textual Graphical
  3. 3. Business Process
  4. 4. System engineering
  5. 5. Software
  6. 6. Safety
  7. 7. Domain Specific Language Improve the communication
  8. 8. DSL based tools Are easy to take in hand Guide the user to the right way
  9. 9. A bit of history
  10. 10. Thales previous experiences with UML profiling Poor adoption Metamodels constrained by UML concepts Representations constrained by existing UML diagrams
  11. 11. Needs for DSLs More freedom in representations Heavier and more technical developments Originally 2 or 3 foreseen modeling tools
  12. 12. Workbench/Business concerns separation Generic infrastructure for model management and representations Focus on business added­value Capitalization
  13. 13. What is Sirius ? A tool to quickly define DSL based custom multi­view workbenches with dedicated representations
  14. 14. Sirius goes open source Within the   european project : Artemis and DGCIS Financed by the french "Caisse des dépôts et consignations" Crystal Released in 2013 as an official Eclipse project
  15. 15. Why using Sirius ? For developers : reduce cost & complexity No need to be an Eclipse modeling expert Dynamic & iterative (live) development For end­users : Tooling adapted to needs and workflows Improved experience
  16. 16. Creating a modeling workbench with Sirius Define custom multi­view worbenches (Diagrams, Trees, Tables) With little technical knowledge Get a working modeler fast (instant feedback) Highly customizable (native tooling, Java or extension points)
  17. 17. Using a modeling workbench based on Sirius Work with data models: not just a drawing tool Environment adapted to user needs (Viewpoint­based) Simplified workflow (Modeling Project)
  18. 18. Sirius in action Using Obeo Designer Available at http://www.obeodesigner.com/
  19. 19. What the customer asks for
  20. 20. Who already uses Sirius ? Thales Embedded in Obeo Designer and Obeo SmartEA Open source modelers on the Eclipse marketplace : UML, SysML, TOGAF... You already available in  soon to be an official Eclipse project (Eclipse Luna) Obeo Designer
  21. 21. What's next ? The  :Gemoc Initiative On the Globalization of Modeling Languages The   ANR project (2012­2016)Gemoc A Language Workbench for Heterogeneous Modeling and Analysis of Complex Software­ Intensive Systems
  22. 22. Heterogeneous parts
  23. 23. Heterogeneous modeling languages
  24. 24. Sirius in Gemoc Today : Able to create many DSLs with dedicated tools in the same workbench Tomorrow : Unify these separated semantics to get a sense of the heterogeneous systems Drive system via debug (simulation or trace) Animate the representations Navigate through the whole system
  25. 25. The Gemoc Studio
  26. 26. 3 things to remember about Sirius 1.  A full­featured environment to create custom modelers 2.  Mature, many deployments 3.  Open source
  27. 27. Thank you!melanie.bats@obeo.fr