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3.D Voetsch Residence

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3.D Voetsch Residence

  1. 1. THE SAVANNAH CABINET SHOP 1014 ABERCORN STREET SAVANNAH, GA 31401 P. 912.236.4982 11 " F. 678.623.9888 4 All drawings are Property of THE SAVANNAH CABINET SHOP, and must be returned at the DACOR MW DRW. completion of work. They shall not be reproduced, modified, or revised in any way MMDV30 without the written consent from, and proper compensation to THE SAVANNAH CABINET SHOP. 3 INTEGRATED INTEGRATED 3 354 " 1 342" 354 " The contractor shall check and verify all dimensions and report any discrepencies to THE INTEGRATED INTEGRATED END END INTEGRATED SAVANNAH CABINET SHOP before proceeding INTEGRATED with the work. Dimensions/Size designations END END END END given are subject to verification on job site and adjustment to fit job conditions. THE SAVANNAH CABINET SHOP shall protect this right and be reimbursed for all legal and court costs, etc, for any necessary protection of the drawings. Submission of these drawings to any public body for any use does not release in any RECESSED TOE way the copyright and ownership of drawings provisions listed herein. 5 LAUREL SPRING ROAD VOETSCH 3" 12" 37" 24" 30" 15" 24" 37" 12" 3" BEAUFORT, SC 53" 93" 53" LOT 40 D ISLAND ELEVATIONS FINISH: COTTAGE LACE W/BRN. UNDER GLAZE DISTRESSING PACKAGE ONE APPROVED BY: SCALE: REVISIONS: 1/ 2"=1'-0" 02.21.08 01.16.08 INTEGRATED INTEGRATED DATE: 3 354 " END END 04.14.08 TITLE: ELEVATION 24" 45" 24" 93" PAGE: 3.D