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I'm on LinkedIn Now What? v2

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To listen go to http://www.melissawashington.com/im-on-linkedin-now-what-v2-webinar/

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I'm on LinkedIn Now What? v2

  1. 1. LinkedIn www.MelissaWashington.com @melissawashing I’m On Now What?
  2. 2. LinkedIn Navy Veteran Sales | Operations Leadership Laid Off in 2009 • Everything from Boutique to Fortune 500 Companies • Over 10 Years in Staffing & Recruiting About Melissa
  3. 3. Launched 2014 About Melissa Next Chapter Podcast
  4. 4. LinkedIn LinkedIN Insights
  5. 5. L Look your Best I Insider Scoop N Next Best Move K Kick Ass Custom LinkedIn Strategy LINK
  6. 6. Look your best
  7. 7. LinkedIn Is this you? Are you a ghost person?
  8. 8. LinkedIn Your profile is your online brand- What is it saying about you? Do you understand what this person does? Is it easy to connect with them? Is this person credible enough that you would want to do business with? If your ideal client is searching online, would this profile be found?
  9. 9. Insider Scoop
  10. 10. 30 days to LinkedIn Mastery This is for you if you want • To easily get what you want on LinkedIn: expand your business, find candidates, new career, new connections • More business with less effort through LinkedIn • A professional presence that draws the best connections to you • To make selling a piece of cake without feeling pushy • 4 week group program • Private LinkedIn Group to share discussions (once you are in, your are in for life) Claim your spot
  11. 11. Next Best Move
  12. 12. Kick Ass Strategy
  13. 13. Phone 916.253.7357 Email melissa@melissawashington.com Get your spot on the 30 days to LinkedIn Mastery www.MelissaWashington.com Facebook.com/melissawashingtonspeaker Twitter.com/melissawashing LinkedIn.com/in/washingtonmelissa Work with Melissa Start November 2nd . Sign up within next 24 hours and you will get a one on one with me for free.
  14. 14. LinkedIn eGrabber tool > Gets any prospect’s eMail-ID and Phone# (windows PC desktop tool) A LinkedIn Profile without eMail-Id & Phone#
  15. 15. LinkedIn Get eMail-Prospector $129 for 30 days $69 special offer, only today! SAVE 45% egrabber.com/melissa/buy use PROMO code: MELISSA