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HR for Startups - Superheroes and Sidekicks

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My slides for the "Key Success Factors to better Technology Transfer" conference organized on April 2, in Marseille by Méditerranée Technologies and MET3.

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  • Marseille MET3 Conference presentation. 2nd April 2012.
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HR for Startups - Superheroes and Sidekicks

  1. HR FOR STARTUPS SUPERHEROES & SIDEKICKS Philippe MÉDA - MERKAPT Apr. 2012Human Resources for Startups: Superheroes and Sidekicks
  2. Philippe MÉDA / business designer
  3. Technology TransferTechnology Transfer is the process of skilltransferring, knowledge, technologies, methodsof manufacturing, samples of manufacturing andfacilities among governments or universities andother institutions to ensure that scienti!c andtechnological developments are accessible to awider range of users who can then furtherdevelop and exploit the technology into newproducts, processes, applications, materials orservices.It is closely related to (and may arguably beconsidered a subset of) knowledge transfer.Some also consider technology transfer asa process of moving promising research topicsinto a level of maturity ready for bulkmanufacturing or production.
  4. Innovation
  5. The real world
  6. Seeing the future«There is little reason foran individual to have acomputer in their home»Ken OLSENCEO Digital Equipment, 1977
  7. Seeing the future 2002
  8. The Usual Startup Problem From Toinventing a technology innovating a market Research Marketing and Sales Engineering Finance Design Management
  9. The TT «Full Monty» Issue ExtrapreneurshipCreating science Inventing a technology Innovating a market (Plan B) Licensing Research Engineering Marketing and Sales Design Finance Management
  11. «It’s All About the Team» If this was true, we wouldn’t all be so excited about IP right? 1 2 Although...3
  12. SuperheroesThey are iconic characters withextraordinary abilities to circumventintellectual and, or physicallimitations.CEO, CTO, CFO
  13. The CEOReality distortion !eldBends reality to its visionPlans BIGThinks long termPushes forwardKnows when to pivotSecondary powers: limited precognition / apotheosisSuper-weakness: radioactive and burns out employees
  14. The CTOPsychokinesisManipulates objects, atoms, with its mindObsesses on « getting it right »Thinks short termInsulated from realityExtra-power : super-speed / mind-controlresistanceSuper-weakness: autism Evan Williams, Twitter
  15. The CFOChronokinesisAccelerates TTMMoves through the planThinks medium / long termPrepares the next step aheadExtra-power : creates resources fromthin air / super-connectorSuper-weakness: won’t pivot
  16. How Well is TT Working?Scientist CTOWhat are my personal drivers?What was my previous job?What are my new responsibilities?What do I have to let go?What do I have to learn to do?How do I have to be?
  17. How Well is TT Working? Designer! Producer! Mediator!Technician! Visionary! Investor!Developer! Marketer!Innovator! Recruiter! Financier! Creator!Strategist! Owner! Director! Sales! Manager! 0%! 10%! 20%! 30%! 40%! 50%! 60%! 70%! 80%! Mitrano-Méda & Véran, Rôles des entrepreneurs des entreprises innovantes du Réseau Entreprendre, 2009
  18. How Well is TT Working?Scientist CTO SidekickWhat are my personal drivers? Designer!What was my previous job? Producer! Mediator! Technician! Visionary!What are my new responsabilities? Investor! Developer! Marketer! Innovator!What do I have to let go? Recruiter! Financier! Creator! Strategist!What do I have to learn to do? Owner! Director! Sales! Manager!How do I have to be? 0%! 10%! 20%! 30%! 40%! 50%! 60%! 70%! 80%!
  19. How Well is TT Working? Mentor
  20. How Do They Get Superpowers?
  21. A Standard Excubation Program
  22. Do You Believe in Superheroes? The value is the partners,Inventing the team they attract Innovating a market and the quality of their network.
  23. Do You Believe in Superheroes? Do you believe we invest enough money on that? Because IP and Technology are only side-e"ects.
  24. Do You Believe in Superheroes?
  25. Do You Believe in Superheroes?
  26. Super IT-Cloning
  27. thanks!Philippe MÉDApmeda@merkapt.com