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Business & Social media : What are the benefits ?


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Business & Social media : What are the benefits ?

  1. 1. How can social media increase your business success? Author: Jean-Francois MESSIER
  2. 2. This document is part of the “Social Media and Business” series by JF MESSIER
  3. 3. can your co. do with social media? makes social media work? are the tools?
  4. 4. Things you can do with social media
  5. 5. Things you can do with social media Supporting Create a platform to help customers and let customers help themselves and others
  6. 6. Things you can do with social media Supporting Create a place to integrate Meshing customer feedback and input in your product cycles, and show them the result.
  7. 7. Things you can do with social media Supporting Meshing Doing web care to know what Listening is said about your products and allowing customers to share their thoughts.
  8. 8. Things you can do with social media Supporting Meshing Listening Give customers a home base with fascinating tools so they Evangelizing can promote you / your products
  9. 9. Things you can do with Social Media Communicate to improve the Supporting personality of your brand that Branding is identified by your customers, influencing psychological Meshing aspect like thoughts, feelings, perceptions, images, experiences, beliefs, attitudes… Listening Evangelizing
  10. 10. Things you can do with social media Supporting Branding Communicate thoughts, Meshing feelings, perceptions, images, Customer retention experiences, beliefs, attitudes… to improve the personality of Listening your brand that is identified by your customers. Evangelizing
  11. 11. Things you can do with social media Supporting Branding Meshing Customer retention Listening eCommerce Create opportunities to increase your sales revenue Evangelizing
  12. 12. Things you can do with social media Supporting Branding Meshing Customer retention Listening e-commerce Create a multi-platform communication campaign and Evangelizing pull effect to identify new Lead potential customers generation
  13. 13. “You are what you share.”  Charles Leadbeater
  14. 14. “You are what you share.”  Charles Leadbeater
  15. 15. AUDIENCE YOU
  20. 20. The key is to produce something that both pulls people together and gives them added-value.
  21. 21. “Create more value than you capture.”  Tim O’Reilly
  22. 22. It’s about synergy in your audience.
  23. 23. It means data you provide...
  24. 24. … makes sense since it addresses a problem for your audience.
  25. 25. DATA IS THE BANK
  26. 26. Intent can drive data + meaning
  27. 27. We are seeing this change in business now, data from who has the most , to who can derive the mostmeaning .
  28. 28. Just to name a few… 3 per topic,
  29. 29. Just to name a few… 3 per topic, of the hundreds per topic that exist.
  30. 30. There are many!
  31. 31. There are many!
  32. 32. There are many!
  33. 33. There are many!
  34. 34. There are many!
  35. 35. There are many!
  36. 36. Synthesis . Social media can supply many benefits to your business. - Customer support - Lead generation - Meshing - Listening to your customers - Evangelizing - Customer retention - eCommerce - Branding The key is to produce added-value. Create more value than you capture. We are seeing this change in business now, from who has the most data, to who can derive the most meaning, creating the greater value.
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  38. 38. If you were interested in this presentation, you may be interested in this one as well…
  39. 39. Author: Jean-François MESSIER Global New Technologies Director at Mercuri International Email: jfmessier@mercurifr.com Photo Credit All photos in this presentation were purchased on iStockPhoto.com. All logos or brand references are the copyright of their respective owners. Slides from this document may not be repurposed without express written consent. Send permission requests to jfmessier@mercurifr.com