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Power point 15 minutes of infamy exposed

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PowerPoint was invented 25 years ago: what progress have we made using it for 25 years? Are we able to get the best of PowerPoint in order to design great and efficient sales presentations?

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Power point 15 minutes of infamy exposed

  1. 1. Powerpoint: 15 minutes of infamy exposed
  2. 2. The year is …
  3. 3. Legendary dancer Fred Astaire dies.
  4. 4. debuts on TV
  5. 5. The 59th Academy Awards: Platoon, Paul Newman & Marlee Matlin win
  6. 6. Garry Kasparov becomes world chess champ
  7. 7. Ivan Lendl defeats Mats Wilander
  8. 8. IBM releases PC-DOS Version 3.3
  9. 9. Bob Gaskins has just created something called PowerPoint
  10. 10. To Avoid Excessive Bullet- pointing Only Bullet Key Points Too ManyBullet- points And Your Key Messages Will NOT Stand Out In fact  The Term"Bullet- point"  comes from  People  Firing  Guns  at annoying  Presenters
  11. 11. Seth Godin “Almost every PowerPoint presentation sucks rotten eggs.”
  12. 12. of presentations suck” “ Guy Kawasaki
  13. 13. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating. It’s actually “ suck Don’t suck Guy Kawasaki
  14. 14. .. Do our sales presentations suck? Yes they do.
  15. 15. Our sales revenues are often too weak…
  16. 16. Yet we still try to sell with ugly sales presentations
  17. 17. Most consultants spend less than one hour learning PowerPoint. (average 15 min) Minutes of infamy 15
  18. 18. Most consultants spend less than one hour learning PowerPoint. Then they use the same limited skills for the rest of their lives . Minutes of infamy 15
  19. 19. the world has We just forget that
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