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Saturday.presentation 2

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Saturday.presentation 2

  1. 1. Fugitive Spaces: Affective Flows, Imprints of Trauma and New Life Narratives In Barrio Logan Angela Gigliotti, PhD candidate Educational Studies, Centre for Art and Learning Goldsmiths, University of London
  2. 2. Research Questions Can expressive arts be used to create new life narratives among adjudicated youth? How is Barrio Logan as place created through visual imagery and corporeal perceptions?
  3. 3. Practice as Research • socially engaged, relational art • embedded within the community as a local resident and teacher • collaborating with other artists, including my students as artists • explore the ‘work’ of art in their lives and in my own
  4. 4. Artistic influences Suzanne Lacy’s use of narratives and the aesthetic experiences she creates. • ‘Skin of Memory’ • ‘The Crystal Quilt’ • ‘There are Voices in the Desert’
  5. 5. Suzanne Lacy ‘The Skin of Memory’
  6. 6. Suzanne Lacy ‘The Skin of Memory’
  7. 7. A/r/tographic • Springgay and Irwin • art practice and research includes my own stories and experiences
  8. 8. Within my studio practice and teaching, memories of trauma and stories of place have emerged through artworks and anecdotes of art practices.
  9. 9. I am drawn to the in between spaces—the liminal spaces, as a border resident, as a mestiza, and researcher.
  10. 10. Chicano Park, Barrio Logan
  11. 11. Using photo and video elicitation is an attempt to shift the power of representation to the students.
  12. 12. The affective encounters within the art practices are mapped both artistically, as photography and videography, and as a form of critical pedagogy
  13. 13. Affective Cartography Simonetta Moro • maps the city through personal landmarks and recordings of mood in relation to places. Liz Kueneke and Margarita Pineda • mapping of symbolic identity to spaces as an artistic practice.
  14. 14. Simonetta Moro, ‘Peripatetic Box’
  15. 15. Liz Kueneke and Margarita Pineda