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SEO for Professional Services Businesses

In this presentation with Hinge marketing we review data on SEO and professional services businesses. See how search engine optimization can improve your organic traffic and results. Learn more at http://forum.marketingscoop.com

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SEO for Professional Services Businesses

  1. 1. SEO in 2012 –
  2. 2. Today’s Hashtag: #hingerevolution
  3. 3. Today’s Speakers: Sean McVey Michael Fleischner Director of Online Marketing, Hinge Author, SEO Made Simple smcvey@hingemarketing.com mfleischner@gmail.com Follow Me on Twitter: @seantmcvey Follow Me on Twitter: @mfleischner
  4. 4. About Hinge › Branding and marketing for professional services › Original independent research on the marketplace › High growth specialists www.hingemarketing.com/newbook
  5. 5. What We’ll Cover › The Case for SEO › Tips for Keyword Research and Link Building › Social Media and SEO › Local/Blended SEO › Questions
  6. 6. Is SEO Effective for Professional ServicesFirms?
  7. 7. What Do the Experts Think?
  8. 8. What Percentage of Firms Will Increase Spending inOnline Marketing?
  9. 9. Organic Listing Boost Purchase Intent› Even for branded queries, presence in top sponsored and top organic listings boost purchase intent. Source: Enquiro Solutions Inc.
  10. 10. The Use of Search Engineshttp://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/Search-and-email/Report.aspx
  11. 11. Growth of Google Queries Currently, there are more than 3 billion searches/day on Googlehttp://www.quora.com/How-many-search-queries-does-Google-serve-worldwide-every-day
  12. 12. Value of Search Engine Traffic
  13. 13. Yes, You Can Compete with the Big Guys Universal results
  14. 14. Good SEO is Easier than it Looks 14
  15. 15. You Have to Get These Right
  16. 16. Before You Get These Right
  17. 17. Keyword Research 18
  18. 18. A Simple Process for Choosing Good Keywords High Volume (many searches/month) Low Competition Ideal(weak sites/pages in the top Keywords! 10) High Value (large % of visitors convert)
  19. 19. AdWords: The Best Choice (Most of the Time)The AdWords Keyword Tool Can Be Found Here: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal
  20. 20. Analyzing the Top 10 to Determine DifficultyStrong, popularsites w/ targeted titles + content
  21. 21. Analyzing the Top 10 to Determine Difficulty Weaker, lesser known sites andnon-targeted titles
  22. 22. Keyword Difficulty ToolI use SEOmoz tool to drill down on difficulty: http://pro.seomoz.org/tools/keyword-difficulty/
  23. 23. Link Building 24
  24. 24. Why Links Matter to Search EnginesWhat You Say What Others SayAbout Yourself. < About You.
  25. 25. What Matters in a Link? Editorially given From a trusted source Uses descriptive anchor text Points to the right page
  26. 26. What Matters in a Link? Rel=“Nofollow” URL (a tag that indicates search (the link target) engines shouldn’t trust/count this link) <p><a href=“http://www.marketingscoop.com” rel=“nofollow”> Marketing Resources Website </a> is a great resource for those seeking to learn more about online marketing and search engine optimization.</p> Surrounding Text Anchor text (may provide context on(tells the engine what this link is about) the link’s relevance)
  27. 27. Manual Link BuildingTactics like discovering the links of competitors, getting listed in directories, resource lists,submitting content, building profiles, etc. are all in the “manual link building” category (above viahttp://opensiteexplorer.org and http://www.majesticseo.com
  28. 28. Link Building through Outreach, Networking
  29. 29. “Natural” Link Building Many of these blogs will use the badge and link to the list, because it makes them look good!The AdAge 150 is a brilliant example of link building through the creation and sharing of a resource.
  30. 30. Link Building & Social Sharing ResourcesThere are literally infinite numbers of ways to build links – creativity is your only limitation!
  31. 31. Social Media & SEO 32
  32. 32. Indirect Impacts of Social on SEO All these shares lead to visits, which may lead to links, comments and positive user/usage signalsThis handy tool can be found at http://sharedcount.com
  33. 33. Get Social
  34. 34. Result #42
  35. 35. Result #13
  36. 36. Facebook Correlation of Social Media-Based Factors (data via Topsy API & Google Buzz API) Amazing: Facebook Shares is our single highest correlated metric with higher Google rankings.But correlation is not causation!
  37. 37. Google+
  38. 38. Google+ Anyone logged-in to any Google service will see results like these. Time to get on G+!http://searchengineland.com/examples-google-search-plus-drive-facebook-twitter-crazy-107554
  39. 39. Other Networks to Consider14mm Millions 14mm 6.5mm2.5mm 500mm 1.5mm 10mm There are many social networks potentially worthy of participation
  40. 40. Local/Blended SEO 41
  41. 41. Think Local•97% of consumers now use online media to shop andfind local businesses.•82% of consumers who perform local searches takethese actions:-Contact the business-Visit location-Make purchases•Social media having moreof an impact
  42. 42. Changes in Local•Just over a year-and-a-half ago, Googleintroduced Blended Place Search, mergingits traditional organic algorithm with its indexof Local businesses from Google Places.•We saw the number of "pure" Local results(those showing traditional "7-pack" formats)go from a consistent majority to a consistentminority.•This evolution of blended results meansyou need to focus on local and general SEO
  43. 43. What About Local/Maps SEO? NormalAlgorithm MapsAlgorithm http://www.davidmihm.com/local-search-ranking-factors.shtml
  44. 44. Local SOUP!? “Dentist in robbinsville nj”PaidOrganicLocalOrganicLocal
  45. 45. Google Places + Profilehttp://www.google.com/places/
  46. 46. Google Places + Profilehttp://www.google.com/places/
  47. 47. Google Places Dashboardhttp://www.google.com/places/
  48. 48. Local Search FactorsTop 10 Local Search Ranking Factors for 2012:•Physical Address in City of Search on Place Page•Proper Category Associations on Place Page•Proximity of Address to Centroid on Place Page•Domain Authority of Website•City, State in Places Landing Page Title•Quantity of Native Google Places Reviews (5 or more)•Quality/Authority of Structured Citations•Local Area Code on Place Page•Inclusion of photo•Click through and engagement rateshttp://bizible.com/local-search-ranking-factors/google-places-optimization
  49. 49. Additional Local Search Factors•Search category or a synonym in review content = 0.97improvement in rank.•Search category or a synonym in the business description =0.85 improvement in rank.•Search category or a synonym in “at a glance” = 0.85improvement in rank.•Primary category matches the search category = 0.79improvement in rank.•Search category or a synonym in the business name = 0.75improvement in rank.http://bizible.com/local-search-ranking-factors/google-places-optimization
  50. 50. Local + National SEO Tips•Begin with keyword research•Start with a Google Places page. Explore Google + Local forgiving reviews•Create Google Places profile for each of your locations -Complete as much of profile as possible -Encourage reviews•Develop content generation plan•Leverage social media -Think online AND offline. Post physical signs for FB Page and FourSquare check in -Offer incentives for local engagement (checkins, reviews, etc.) and online engagement (reviews)
  51. 51. Winning the local/national SEO war (part deux)•Modeling strategies•Link building•Use alternative media (sturbridge lakes realtor)
  52. 52. Local + National SEO Tips•Update content on a regular basis, 100% unique•Monitor rankings (web position, Webmaster tools, andAnalytics)•Optimize your current site with SEO best practices anddiagnostic tools (W3C)
  53. 53. Learn More about SEOSpecial Offer:•Purchase SEO Made Simple withinthe next 48 hours and receive freeIntro to SEO training videos (likes,shares, and reviews areappreciated!)•Purchase individual SEO training totake your business to the next level. •Personalized coachingIncludes 3 one-hour sessions. •Google Places setupNormal price $1,495. Hinge price •Access to SEO$995 materials and toolsmfleischner@marketingscoop.comhttp://michaelfleischner.com/seo-coaching/
  54. 54. SEO Guide for Professional Services Look for the download link in our follow up email. Then give us a call when it’s time to start your next SEO campaign.
  55. 55. Thank you! Questions? Michael Fleischner Connect with Hinge www.hingemarketing.com/blog mfleischner@gmail.com www.twitter.com/HingeMarketing Twitter: @mfleischner www.facebook.com/HingeMarketing www.linkedin.com/companies/Hinge Sean McVey smcvey@hingemarketing.com www.hingemarketing.com 703-391-8870 Online Marketing for Professional Services hingemarketing.com/newbook