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OSGi for the data centre - Connecting OSGi to Kubernetes - Frank Lyaruu

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OSGi Community Event 2018 Presentation by Frank Lyaruu

Abstract: OSGi offers an excellent service discovery mechanism, it is limited to services inside the JVM. That limits us in two ways: It limits us to Java services, and it limits us to one single machine, and neither are acceptable in this day and age. Can we connect our OSGi runtime to a cluster orchestration manager like Kubernetes so our runtime can interact with the cluster and allow us to respond to changes in the cluster as dynamically as we are used to in OSGi itself. I think we can.


I will show how to discover Kubernetes services (and their pods) in a cluster, and inject those as configuration objects into an OSGi runtime. That allows us to monitor the Kubernetes cluster and dynamically have our OSGi services respond to (Kubernetes) service changes.

In general I hope to nudge the OSGi community to be more focused on connecting to other technologies rather than trying to stay in the OSGi walled garden. A well engineered OSGi application is perfectly suited to the dynamic nature of the cloud native world, but if we can't easily integrate with other services, well, nobody will care.

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OSGi for the data centre - Connecting OSGi to Kubernetes - Frank Lyaruu

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