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Got grit2


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Got grit2

  1. 1. J O N AT H A N C R O C K E T T M I C H E L L E D U N N M A R T I N E F R A N Ç O I S
  2. 2. 8:00 - 9:00A Breakfast McCaffrey Cafeteria 9:00 - 10:45A Icebreakers Taggertson Hall - Share Something Special” - “Who Am I” Exercise 10:45A - 12:00P Scavenger Hunt Campus Quad 12:00 - 1:30P Lunch McCaffrey Cafeteria 1:30 – 2:00P Residence Hall Meetings Campus Quad 2:00 - 4:00P Teambuilders Assembly Room Inspiration Hall -“Life Line” - Human Knot - Bring It On! Cheer Competition - Blindfolded Obstacle Course - “True Colors” Personality Test 4:00 – 5:00P 5:00 – 6:00P "Got GRIT?!” What Makes a Good RA Are You Gritty? Assembly Room Inspiration Hall Assembly Room Inspiration Hall 6:00 – 7:00P Dinner (BBQ) Quad Armstrong Pavilion 7:30 – 8:30P Lawn Games Quad (weather permitting) Armstrong Pavilion 8:30 – 10:00P Complex Meetings Various Residence Halls DAY LONG AGENDA
  3. 3. WHY GOT GRIT? Got Grit RA Training is designed with the goal of “inspiring leaders of tomorrow starting with today.” This two-week comprehensive training will introduce RAs to the breadth and depth of skills, experiences, information, and resources that they will need to be most successful in their roles. Guided by relevant theories, learning outcomes, and competencies, this training will encourage RAs to learn, grow, experience, evaluate, make mistakes, be challenged, develop connections, build relationships, and increase confidence.
  4. 4. WHY GOT GRIT? Day 1 of the 2-week training will include an introduction to campus resources, discussion and reflection about qualities of a good RA, and an abundance of icebreakers and teambuilding activities. It is critical to build a strong foundation of teamwork and chemistry before advancing to more challenging topics later in the week - Day 1 is designed to help construct this foundation. The RA role can be rewarding, but can also be “gritty” at times, and can require access to inner grit. Got Grit RA Training will provide RAs with the foundations to dig deep, find their inner resilience, and be fully prepared to embrace what will likely be the most challenging, rewarding, enjoyable job they’ve ever had.
  5. 5. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Kolb’s Theory of Learning Styles and Learning Cycle (1984) ● Four learning styles that individuals use to perceive information and process experiences o Diverging, Assimilating, Converging, Accommodating ● Application to Training: importance of understanding individual differences, identify difference in learning styles through the “True Colors” exercise Jung’s Theory of Personality Types (1960) ● How people gather information and use that information to make decisions ● Application to Training: importance of understanding individual differences, identify differences in personality types through the “True Colors” exercise
  6. 6. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Skinner’s Cognitive Behavioral Theory (1950) ● The process by which one replaces irrational and unproductive thoughts, ideas and attitudes with rational and productive ones ● Application to Training: understanding how outlook can impact progress Dweck’s Theory of Growth Mindset (2006) ● Seeking opportunities to challenge and “stretch” oneself to unimaginable levels ● Application to Training: being able to identify the difference between pushing oneself and complacency Duckworth’s Theory of Grit (2007) ● Grittier individuals attain higher levels of education and also have higher grade point averages ● Application to Training: foundation for understanding how continued ongoing perseverance can achieve long-term goals
  7. 7. LEARNINGOUTCOMES  Participants will connect and engage with each other as they develop interpersonal relationships  Participants will gain a deeper sense of self through facilitated personal reflection activities  Participants will become better acquainted with campus layout, facilities, and resources  Participants will be able to define grit, articulate why/how it matters, and assess their own levels of grittiness  Participants will develop teamwork skills by working together in a variety of teambuilding activities  Participants will gain an increased understanding of qualities and responsibilities of an RA  Participants will have fun, which will enhance their sense of joy and pleasure with being an RA
  8. 8. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES  Leadership Development  Intellectual Growth  Meaningful Interpersonal Relationships  Collaboration/teamwork  Appreciating Diversity  Have FUN!!
  12. 12. GOT GRIT SCALE ACTIVITY We will read a series of statements related to personality and preferences. For each statement, participants will choose which answer best describes them - either “agree” if you feel the statement is “very much like me” or “disagree” if you feel the statement is “not like me at all”. You must choose one of these 2 options - there are no in-between options. There are no right or wrong answers, so just answer honestly! When you have decided please move to the side of the room that reflects your choice 
  13. 13. I have overcome setbacks to conquer an important challenge. Agree Disagree
  14. 14. New ideas and projects sometimes distract me from previous ones. Agree Disagree
  15. 15. My interests change from year to year. Agree Disagree
  16. 16. Setbacks don’t discourage me. Agree Disagree
  17. 17. I have been obsessed with a certain idea or project for a short time but later lost interest. Agree Disagree
  18. 18. I am a hard worker. Agree Disagree
  19. 19. I often set a goal but later choose to pursue a different one. Agree Disagree
  20. 20. I have difficulty maintaining my focus on projects that take more than a few months to complete. Agree Disagree
  21. 21. I finish whatever I begin. Agree Disagree
  22. 22. I have achieved a goal that took years of work. Agree Disagree
  23. 23. I become interested in new pursuits every few months. Agree Disagree
  24. 24. I am diligent. Agree Disagree
  25. 25. The more I have on my plate, the more helpless and unmotivated I feel. Agree Disagree
  26. 26. I tend to give up fairly easily when I am not good at something right away. Agree Disagree
  27. 27. SCORING 10-14 GRIT cards equals “super gritty” 6-10 GRIT cards equals “somewhat gritty” 0-6 GRIT cards equals “not very gritty”
  28. 28. 1 MINUTE ASSESSMENT Reflection Time! Partner up and discuss what you learned about yourself from this activity. Alternatively- everyone would write down their reflections on pieces of paper that would be collected and reflected on the next day.
  29. 29. REFERENCES Duckworth, A.L., Peterson, C., Matthews, M.D., & Kelly, D.R. (2007). Grit: Perseverance and passion for long-term goals. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 9, 1087-1101. © 2013 Angela Duckworth