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Trained Nurses Association of India

Regulatory Bodies in Nursing in Nursing

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Trained Nurses Association of India

  1. 1. Paramjit kaur Msc.1st year
  2. 2. T.N.A.I.[Trained Nurses AssociationOf India] Introduction;-It is the national professional association of nurses.It was founded in 1905 at Lucknow.The organisation composed of nine European nurses holding administrative posts in hospitals.They want to develop nursing as a profession and also help the professional nurses meet and plan to achieve these ends. The first president was Miss Allen Martin and first secretory was Miss Burn.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES Uphold the dignity and honour of nursing profession. Promote a sense of spirit de- corps among all nurses profession. To provide registration for qualified nurses and to provide opportunity of registration within different states in the country and within different countries. To upgrade and develop the nursing education.
  4. 4.  To improve the living and working conditions of the nurses and also develop the educational conditions available for nursing. To improve the economic standards of nurses in india.
  5. 5. MEMBERSHIP Fully qualified registered nurses. Associate workers;-Health visitors midwives and A.N.Ms. Affiliate members;-student nurses and members of the affiliated organizations.
  6. 6. How we obtain membership ofT.N.A.I. Membership of T.N.A.I.is obtained by applications and submission of a copy of one’s state registration cirtificate.one can apply for a life membership. This association has many professional books and hand book of T.N.A.I.and other informatives. The nursing journals of india is the official organ of T.N.A.I.and is published monthly.
  7. 7. BENEFITS FROM T.N.A.I.MEMBERSHIP We can holding national level confrence,scientific and bussiness sessions. Low cost publications for members and students. Continuouing education programme for updating knowledge on various topics. Socio economic welfare programme. Research studies conducted regularli for the benefits of the members. Scholarship of T.N.A.I.members and student nurses. The guest room facilities at the headquarters and also in some states.
  8. 8. THANK YOU