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Transformation Case Study Highlights

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Case study on a transformation of a 100 person department.

What I did (that made the difference):
1. Uncover what’s really going on
2. Share observations in a loving and caring way
3. Help people choose their own reality and destiny

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Transformation Case Study Highlights

  1. 1. @MichaelSahota Transformation Case Study: Value People
  2. 2. About Michael 17 years IT 11 years Agile STRATEGIC PLAY® !
  3. 3. @MichaelSahota Context
  4. 4. Context • 100  person  internal  department     • Delivering  Digital  Media  (websites,  audio,  video)   • Select  via  RFP  process  for  training  and  some   follow-­‐up  coaching   • Working  together  with  Paul  Heidema   • We  are  “The  Agile  Trainers”   • We  have  5  days  to  understand  what  is  going  on   and  co-­‐create  a  plan.  (clock  is  Lcking) 4
  5. 5. @MichaelSahota Why Are We Here?
  6. 6. Why Are We Here? • We  are  guides  on  Journey   • What  is  the  Will  of  the  system?   • “Agile  Enablement”  -­‐  ambiguity  creates  opLons.   • Workshop:  Why  are  we  doing  Agile?   • Agile  is  not  the  Goal!  Agile  supports  the  Why. 6
  7. 7. Why  #1  –  A  Quality  Product Why  #2  –  Speed  and  Effectiveness Why Are We Want Agile?
  8. 8. Why  #3  –  Collaboration Why  #4  –  Empowerment Note: Agile is not the goal!
  9. 9. @MichaelSahota Discovery
  10. 10. Discovery • Get  the  word  on  the  street   • Capture  emoLonal  stories  with  Lego   • Write  down  exact  quotes   • IdenLfy  Themes  and  back  up  with  data 10
  11. 11. Many  Disparate  Pieces  à Don’t  interconnect   Jumble:  Hard  to  figure  out  how  to  move  and   understand
  12. 12. Top-­‐down  –  looks  great  BUT  Technically  absurd.   Can’t  change  what’s  built.   “Meets  requirements  on  paper”
  13. 13. WALL  Stopping  us.  Feel  constrained.  Impediments.   Green  =  Meetings,  meetings,  meetings   Red  =  Conversation   Gray  =  what  gets  done.
  14. 14. @MichaelSahota Report Out
  15. 15. Report Out • Share  challenging  observaLons  with  compassion.   THIS  IS  KEY.     • Role-­‐Playing  Morpheus   • Invite  execuLves  to  make  a  choice 16
  16. 16. @MichaelSahota Co-Create a Plan
  17. 17. Co-Create a Plan • Stance:  Be  authenLc  and  vulnerable   • We  are  in  this  Together.   • Talk  about  fears   • Use  secret  ballot  for  gebng  direcLon   • Set  direcLon,  not  details   • Failure  to  decide  is  Failure  of  the  iniLaLve   • Write  the  IncepLon  Deck/Charter  Immediately 18
  18. 18. Secret Ballot: How Many Days for Tactical Strategic Cultural?
  19. 19. @MichaelSahota Transformation Model
  20. 20. Transformation Model • Allow  things  to  unfold.  Star  on  Horizon.  Baby  Steps.   • Don’t  Ever  use  the  word  “TransformaLon”  -­‐  too   scary!   • Complex  AdapLve  Systems   • Grow  leadership  TEAM   • “It’s  all  the  lifle  things.  No  big  event.”   • It  is  hard  because  we  are  making  small  changes  day   by  day.  No  big  TA-­‐DA.   • It  is  hard  and  slow  because  we  are  paying  off  years  of   accumulated  OrganizaLonal  Debt. 22
  21. 21. Create an Culture “Attractor” Who are we now? Who do we want to be? Identify small safe-to-fail experiments
  22. 22. Lead the Way
  23. 23. @MichaelSahota What Unfolded
  24. 24. What Unfolded • Culture  Reboot  Roadmap   • Teamwork  &  CollaboraLon  Skills  Training   • Temenos  Leadership  Retreat  -­‐  “It  was  scary  at  the  Lme,   but  now  I  see  how  essenLal  it  was  to  our  success”.   • OrganizaLonal  Design  (Culture)  Training   • Crowd-­‐source  decisions   • Agile  Training  (aker  2  months)  -­‐  “Now  I  understand  why   we  waited  to  do  Agile  training.  It  makes  total  sense”. 26
  25. 25. Build Trust & Safety (Temenos Workshop) ➢ Great teams are built on trust. ➢ Take time to value one another as human beings ➢ Tell our story 1. Past (Influence Map) 2. Present (Clean Slate) 3. Future (Personal Vision)
  26. 26. @MichaelSahota Key Points
  27. 27. Insights • “It’s  all  the  lifle  things.  No  big  event.”   • It  is  hard  because  we  are  making  small  changes  day   by  day.  No  big  TA-­‐DA.   • It  is  hard  and  slow  because  we  are  paying  off  years  of   accumulated  OrganizaLonal  Debt. 30
  28. 28. What I Did (that made the difference) 1. Uncover  what’s  really  going  on   2. Share  observaLons  in  a  loving  and  caring  way   3. Help  people  choose  their  own  reality  and   desLny 31
  29. 29. Contact me for help with this Phone me: 416.999.3297 Email me: michael.sahota@agilitrix.com Sign up for my newsletter at: http://agilitrix.com I wrote “the book” on Agile & Culture.