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Understanding and Working with Agile Culture - PMI-SOC

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Learn how Agile is a Culture System and how you can work with it to get your business or organizational outcome.

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Understanding and Working with Agile Culture - PMI-SOC

  1. 1. Understanding and Working with Agile Culture @MichaelSahota
  2. 2. About Michael STRATEGIC PLAY®
  3. 3. Agile Is Mainstream Source: VersionOne 2012 Annual State of Agile Development Survey http://www.versionone.com/state-of-agile-survey-results/
  4. 4. Many Benefits from Agile Manage Changing Priorities ⬆Productivity ⬆Visibility ⬆Team Morale ⬆Quality ⬇Risk Source: VersionOne 2012 Annual State of Agile Development Survey http://www.versionone.com/state-of-agile-survey-results/
  5. 5. Agile is not a Silver Bullet CC Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/eschipul/
  6. 6. Agile Fails Due to Culture Sources: Multiple Workshops with 100’s of participants; Version One Survey http://agilitrix.com/2012/08/agile-2012-workshop-results/
  7. 7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/lokner/4164251472
  8. 8. Why is Culture Important? “The only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture.” “If you do not manage culture, it manages you, and you may not even be aware of the extent to which this is happening.” Edgar Schein Professor MIT Sloan School of Management Photo courtesy: http://leadership-tdoerffer.blogspot.com/2010/11/enjoy-interview-with-prof-edgar-schein.html
  9. 9. Agile 2012 Agile Tour Toronto 2011
  10. 10. What is Agile Culture? @MichaelSahota
  11. 11. Graphic © Jurgen Appelo
  12. 12. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tza/3214197147
  13. 13. Most Value Comes from Mindset/Culture, not Practices ~20% Benefit •Ability to manage changing priorities •Improved Visibility •Increased Productivity •Improved Quality •Reduced Risk ~3X Benefit •Customer Delight •Joy at work •Engagement •Innovation, Creativity •Continuous Learning
  14. 14. Culture Mismatch will Slow and Ultimately Fail Your Agile Initiative Avoid seductive fantasy that Agile practices will change your Culture. They won’t.
  15. 15. Option 1: Work with Existing Culture
  16. 16. Option 1a: Incrementally Adopt Agile Practices that fit Culture Find the practice (puzzle piece) that fits your problem. Example: Introducing automated testing to reduce regression test costs and time.
  17. 17. Option 1b: Use Kanban Toolkit to Start Evolving Your Process & Practices 1.Visualize Work 2.Add Metrics 3.Make Improvements
  18. 18. Option 2: Change Organizational Culture “75% of a company’s management is honestly convinced that business as usual is totally unacceptable.” - John Kotter
  19. 19. Scrum • Throw out your existing process • Start with Scrum Framework • Add in elements needed to fit your environment (e.g. UX, Regulatory)
  20. 20. Creating A Culture Bubble
  21. 21. Incubate Transformational Leadership Leaders go first! • Live the values • Lead by example • Seek to truly understand their culture • Be as transparent as the teams they lead See presentation: Agile From the Top Down: Executives & Leadership Living Agile by Jon Stahl http://www.slideshare.net/LeanDog/agile-from-the-top-down
  22. 22. Temenos: Safety, Trust & Connection  Create deep alignment between leadership team’s personal visions to create compelling shared vision for the organization  Requires first building: • Safety • Trust • Authentic Connection Next Toronto Workshop: Jan 25 & 26, 2014. Register
  23. 23. PMI-ACP is about Process, not Culture PMI – ACP (Agile Certified Professional) • “Demonstrate to employers your level of professionalism in Agile practices of project management.” • Covers: Principles, practices and tools and techniques across agile methodologies (Scrum, kanban, XP, lean, etc.) • Understanding of Agile as culture is currently outside of PMI-ACP scope.
  24. 24. Get Help with Agile Practices to Avoid Wasting Time & Effort One of about 50 coaches worldwide that know how to help organization succeed with Agile*. * About half of my work is with Kanban
  25. 25. Get Help with Culture to Develop a 21st Century Workforce I wrote “the book” on Agile & Culture. Phone me: 416.999.3297 Email me: michael.sahota@agilitrix.com Sign up for my newsletter at: http://agilitrix.com