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Hilo.io executive summary (two pager)

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Two page front/back executive summary for Hilo.io (the social network for crypto).

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Hilo.io executive summary (two pager)

  1. 1. HILO IS YOUR ESSENTIAL CONNECTION TO CRYPTO BUSINESS SEGMENT: NEWS, CRYPTO, SOCIAL NETWORKING HILO EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Date Issued: 08.20.2018 Last Revision Date: 08.20.2018 HILO PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY EMPOWERS YOU TO LEARN ON DEMAND, ENGAGE WITH TRADERS, PRICE AND INDICATORS TOGETHER ON THE SAME GRAPH. THE HILO PLATFORM IS BUILT UPON OUR WIDE ARRAY OF VALUE PROPOSITIONS. B HILO ESTD 2017 We’ve invested our time solving these problems so that your learning experience in the crypto community could grow as we grow and expand. THE HILO STORY Most of our team were lost or overwhelmed when we tried to learn about cryptocurrency. All of the entry level content ended with the same conclusion: block- chain is a revolutionary tech- nology, but the fragmented and esoteric landscape made it hard to navigate. After making an ini- tial investment through an entry level exchange, the next step was anything but obvious. The online communities where much of the discussion takes place were rela- tively walled off – as a newcomer or even as an enthusiast, it was hard to break in. So many mem- bers of our team had to turn to friends and family who were far- ther along in the process of teach- ing themselves. Learning from someone who had been through the process helped expedite our understanding of cryptocurrency. Fortunately for us, we had friends who were guides, and who also wanted to help the community learn and grow. How could we be the same compass for others and answer the same questions we had early on? This was the start of Hilo. Hilo wants to provide scalable access and education for any- one that wants to get involved in cryptocurrency. Hilo is a plat- form for productive discussion on all things blockchain, and is inclusive to both beginners and experts. It is a common space where productive conversation is encouraged and misinformation is frowned upon. And it is a place to come and converse during the highs and lows of the crypto mar- ket. Welcome to the new economy. PROGRESS PROGRESS COMPLETED COMPLETE FOR SEED TESTING 100% 100% PROGRESS STARTED 17% PROGRESS NOT STARTED 80% PROGRESS COMPLETED 100% JANUARY 2018 Seed Obtain funding assistance, begin milestone development. AUGUST 2018 Beta Finish public beta rollout, conduct usability research. Bug fixes. Q3 ICO (v1.0) Finalized rollout of version 1 features, bug fixes and ICO launch. PROGRESS NOT STARTED 80%Q4 Version 2.0 Feature improvements and Token Governance APRIL 2018 Alpha Complete implementation of all platform architecture components. OCTOBER 2017 Founded Create framework principles and add base functionality JOIN US AT HILO.IO VAULT PROTECTED DATA DECENTRALIZED PORTFOLIO VS MARKET CAP COIN CARDS TOTAL CURRENCIES PORTFOLIO SHARING FOLLOW INFLUENCERS ASSET DETAIL
  2. 2. MATTHEW ROSZAK Co-founder and chairman of Bloq, a leading blockchain enterprise software company and founding partner of Tally Capital. with a portfolio of over 20 investments, including Blockchain Capital, Block.One, Blockstream, and Civic. VINNY LINGHAM Founder of Civic, a decentralized identity platform. Vinny is a partner at Multi- coin Capital, Newtown Partners, a Board Member of the Bitcoin Foundation and a Shark on Shark Tank South Africa. + HILO INVESTORS AND ADVISORS BUD COLLIGAN Community activist, social entrepreneur, investor and company builder. Colli- gan is Co-Chairman of the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership, founder and CEO of South Swell Ventures and former Chairman and CEO of Macromedia. SAM PROCTOR Co-founder of Genesis Block, expert on the structure of financial systems and blockchain regulation. Former attorney at Debevoise & Plimpton focused on complex regulatory/transactional issues impacting financial institutions. STEVE WATERHOUSE BILL BARHYDT Co-founder of Orchid Labs, former partner at Pantera Capital, Co-founder and CTO of RPX (Nasdaq: RPXC), previous Director and founder of the Honey- comb product group at Sun Microsystems. Co-Founder and CEO of Abra, digital cash payments network enabling trans- fer of cash between any two smartphones. Previous achievements include working for the CIA, NASA, Goldman Sachs and Netscape. SEAN HOGE ED COLLIGAN Co-founder of crossfader.fm, and previous Head of Product at NVOLV, a lead- ing mobile app provider for events. For Q2 of 2017 Sean’s personal holdings ranked among the top 1000 ERC-20 token holders in the world. Former president and CEO of Palm, Inc. Colligan now is a small business investor, serves on a number of boards, and advises start-up companies. Former President and COO of Handspring prior to the Palm/Handspring merger in 2003. HILO IS YOUR ESSENTIAL CONNECTION TO CRYPTO BUSINESS SEGMENT: NEWS, CRYPTO, SOCIAL NETWORKING HILO EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A HILO ESTD 2017 “Entering cryptocurrency is confusing and intimidating. And it can be both lonely and frustrating. There is no single consistent place to learn, share insights, and converse with friends and family about the future of money.” VADIM FEDOTOV | CPO Vadim is an experienced product design leader with over 15 years of industry experience, defining overall UX strategy and vision for user-centered design aligning with strategic business thinking. ROBBY BLACK | CTO JASON RIBACK | FINANCE Robby is an experienced technologist with a decades-long specialization in cloud-based product development. After founding Dataflow Enterprises and guiding Vendini to over $1 billion in ticket sales, he is back to exploring new technologies as Hilo’s lead architect. Jason has a long track record of building and scaling businesses from the ground up. He founded Vulume and MediaMint and spent six years working for McKinsey before joining Hilo as a strategic finance advisor. BRIT MORGAN | CBDO NICK DONAHUE | PRODUCT TYLER LAW | GAMIFICATION MICHAEL DARIUS | DESIGN Brit is a versatile and ambitious blockchain growth specialist with an immova- ble belief in the power of blockchain technology to advance humankind. She heads up operations at Hilo with a unique multidisciplinary approach. Nick is a natural creator who hasn’t looked back since he fell headfirst into cryptocurrency. He worked on product and engineering teams at NextUp Music and Dell before joining Hilo as the head of product. Tyler worked on gaming initiatives for Filament Games, MIT, iCivics, and GoNoodle before co-founding Scoutible, a gamified hiring platform. Tyler is now bringing his deep knowledge of UX and gamification to support Hilo’s interactive product design. As head of design for numerous Apple products and more recent connect- ed ties to the wearables space, Michael’s backround designing language design systems brings value facilitation for the Hilo team to a new level. MONICA PUCHNER | FOUNDER/CEO Monica is an expert in creating, funding, and building startups. She previously worked for Palm Inc, Handspring, Tixr, and Vendini, and is now combining her unmatched crypto knowledge with her experience in business development as the Founder and CEO of Hilo. Date Issued: 08.20.2018 Last Revision Date: 08.20.2018 HILO IS THE SOCIAL DASHBOARD THAT LETS YOU FOLLOW BITCOIN AND OTHER CRYPTOCURRENCIES WITH FRIENDS AND INFLUENCERS THE HILO BUSINESS STORY AND VALUE PROPOSITION + OUR MISSION: Our mission is to empower people to embrace cryptocurrency through learning and sharing insights and conversation, and to create a more accessible future of money. + OUR VISION: Our vision is for Hilo to become the world’s onramp to cryptocur- rencies, to provide users with the best and most current information along with an experience that’s easy on the eye and easy to use. We are creating a community of like-minded people focused on the mainstream opportunity: it is time for real adoption to keep pace with awareness. Hilo wants to provide scalable access and education for anyone that wants to get involved in cryptocurrencies. Hilo is a platform for pro- ductive discussion on all things blockchain, and is inclusive to both beginners and experts.