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Persona descriptions for Resort Reservation System

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Provisional persona's for resort reservation system.

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Persona descriptions for Resort Reservation System

  1. 1. Tom  Mitchell Gender          Male Age              28-­‐40 Occupa5on          Insurance  Sales  /  Mary  Kay RV  Type                      Pop-­‐up  travel  trailer  (-­‐$75k) Dura5on                    3-­‐4  Days  (max)                                                    Thursday-­‐Sunday   “Where  can  I  find  cra4  beer?” Identifiable Traits / Patterns of Behavior Likes attractions and sporting events Loves sitting by the pool and billiards Coach for his daughter's soccer team. Has a CB radio and a dog named 'Speck' Loves bicycling Always travels with a friend and kids Orders pizza delivery often Lives less than 3 hours away from RV park Whole family has cell phones and laptops Drives a duelly truck Has a very active family Is a AAA member but not a Good Sam member Has a work issued smart phone and uses it for emergencies… (Tried to use phone to book a reservation but got frustrated and now books his reservations for the following year before leaving.) Likes / Dislikes
  2. 2. Isabella  Torres Gender        Female Age            28-­‐45 Occupa5on        Stay  at  home  mom RV  Type                    27’  Rental Dura5on                  2-­‐3  Days  (max) “I  need  new  shoes!” Well traveled Spanish woman married to Executive Director at Zara Fine dining Shopping, Shopping, Did I say Shopping? Loves swimming and bike tours Wants a BBQ and picnic table on site Likes to blog about travels and post pictures to Facebook for friends Interested in local attractions (sea world, legoland, etc) Interested in craft activities for her children Loves sporting events Has iPhone Used GPS to find the resort Frequently travels internationally Speaks limited english Very little RV knowledge Always arrives late Has to work during her stay May bring her family along Wants to do it all Relies heavily on online tools and apps so she doesn't have to deal with the language barrier over the phone. Heavy wifi user (uses Skype to call home) Likes / Dislikes Identifiable Traits / Patterns of Behavior
  3. 3. Linda  Dupont Gender        Female Age            55+ Occupa5on        Re5red  Office  Manager  /                                                  Volunteer RV  Type                    Motorcoach  Class  A Dura5on                  2  months   “Don’t  mess  with  my  book  light.” Athletic Canadian woman in the prime of her life with many full years to come. Likes swimming Likes Pinterest Plays volleyball and pickle ball Likes to entertain friends Wants a quiet site Likes photography Enjoys watching the sunrise from her RV lot Enjoys fine wine Loves the resort but comes for friends Reads two books per week Goes to Yoga class weekly and uses the fitness center when possible Very Crafty Cares about on-line reviews Has grandchildren Doesn't have a smart phone Uses the laundry room often Will frequent resorts she likes (Return visitor) FMCA, Good Sam and AAA member Handwrites letters and postcards Very likely to join new groups and sign up for new activities Likes / Dislikes Identifiable Traits / Patterns of Behavior
  4. 4. George  Krevet Gender        Male Age            65+ Occupa5on        Military  Veteran RV  Type                    Older  RV  (5th  wheel  w/4  slides) Dura5on                  2  weeks “Things  just  aren’t  the  same  as  they  used  to  be.” Stubborn widower with a lame leg, a dog named Apollonia, and a handicap sticker. Rough on the outside but teddybear on the inside Interested in cancellation and refund policy Hates the internet Interested in activities Wants to explore multiple areas 1st time visitor to this RV resort Loves Golf and Poker Terrible at backing up his RV Uses real maps (not GPS) Won’t make reservations online (too complicated) Collects coupons Keeps his RV meticulous Keeps his clothes Ironed and shaves daily Likes to tinker and 'fix stuff' Travels with friends Blogs about everything Likes / Dislikes Identifiable Traits / Patterns of Behavior