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Treever pitchdeck

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Investor pitchdeck for micro-montage media sharing platform: Treever

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Treever pitchdeck

  1. 1. Send custom mobile messages to friends, family and colleagues with our integrated messaging platform. DYNAMIC MOBILE MESSAGING Craft unique media-montages to share with friends or to stimulate discussions on your social network. MICRO MEDIA-MONTAGES TREEVER Extend the reach of your social media campaigns or personalized messages with our scheduling and automation features. SCHEDULING & AUTOMATION
  2. 2. TABLE
 CONTENTS The most amount of dopamine is secreted in the human brain when there’s... an anticipated reward from an unpredictable outcome.
  4. 4. Treever is a mobile-first application that takes Users’ on-device images, music, text and automates the assembly and delivery of singularly remarkable, sharable, multi-media micro- montages with personalized soundtracks 8-15 seconds long using a vast curated set of licensed libraries from the major record labels.  It’s more than just a clip app.  With hundreds of animations to make the content more dynamic, Treever is the next evolution in the line of Emoji, Bitmoji, GIF…Treeve.  We like to call the unique pieces of content the app creates - “digital dopamine delights”.  Adding music to your messaging - from all genres and periods - creates greater emotional engagement. Executive Summary Multiple revenue streams are available – freemium, subscription, brand-sponsored templates, promotional contests, private label versions, i.e. Amway, NASCAR, American Greetings, Make-A-Wish, etc. and even a TreeverPro which allows artists to upload their own tracks into the app to promote their music to their Instagram and YouTube fan bases.  We are even charting out a dating app version re-skinned for a potential partnership with Match.com. The company has a significant opportunity to provide the value-added proposition of moving the needle for millions of Users from social media to “emotional media”.
  5. 5. CHRISTOPHER KAHN FOUNDER A Chancellor’s Scholar at UCLA with an extensive writing background. His comprehensive and diverse body of work includes both Cinema and Literary Criticism, multiple works of fiction, non-fiction, an anthology of poetry that includes award winning pieces, numerous essays, and a dozen sold screenplays.  In addition, he has a Master’s in exercise physiology, competed as a professional triathlete, was a highly sought after personal coach and fitness consultant and worked with numerous health and nutrition software developers on mobile fitness apps. 
  6. 6. MICHAEL KLUDJIAN CO-FOUNDER With over 25 years’ experience in technology including systems engineering, software development, optimization theory, software cost modeling, rapid application prototyping, database design, marketing and sales, Michael has covered both startups and enterprise companies including: TRW, Powersoft/Sybase, Rightworks/ i2, SAP, Manugistics, Verisign, and Oracle. 
 B.S. from University of Michigan in Mathematics and a M.S. from University of Southern California in EE/Computer Engineering.
  7. 7. ARTAK SAROYAN CHIEF ARCHITECT Serial entrepreneur with over 25 years startup experience. Artak has taken two startups from concept to acquisition, run his own businesses, consulted with tech majors in Silicon Valley and worked with titans DEC, Compaq, and HP. His expertise is in software architecture, design and development, optimized systems, and computer engineering.  Domain includes financial systems, e-commerce, linguistics, software modeling, and mobile applications. B.S. from University of Michigan in Electrical Engineering.
  9. 9. Deep media channel and music database integration. Music
 Licensing Platform technology designed around user engagement analytics. Compositing Engine Distribution channel
 end to end solution. Viral
 Engagement Core Value Vision As technology gets smarter, more deeply integrated into our lives, and knowledgeable about our habits and profiles, it makes data-driven guesses about who we are. For most of us our love for and use of music is a tent pole of our personality. Treever is a gateway mobile application of self-expression in digital behavior. Mission We need software that reclaims the high ground about who we want to be as we engage with it. Treever aims to bring greater emotional depth to smartphone users’ daily digital interactions through music and dynamic messaging.
  10. 10. Greeting Cards In discussion with American Greetings, greeting cards are projected to be a core component of the Treever messaging platform. Dating In discussion with execs at Match.com to create a unique dating app based on our software allowing users to introduce themselves and rank one another based on Treeve Creation and Response. Status Seeking Teens, Tweens GenXers & boomers who define themselves by their super- narcissim, image creation and manipulation will be a core audience with featureset. Messaging Combined our strategic messaging platform integration allows for social activity and real time social interaction. The Treever Way
  11. 11. Pick your favorite photos from a recent event of memory. CHOOSE YOUR MEDIA Lay down a track to set the mood for your audience. ADD SOME MUSIC Personalize it by adding a quote to your shared moment together. INCLUDE A QUOTE SHARE WITH A FRIEND Share using in-app messaging, your favorite messaging app or social network.
  12. 12. QuickTime mediaKit Proprietary web-based player couples with each platform’s AV Frameworks and SDK’s.. Open API JSON-RPC API and Data Layer. Protocols developed for all security and authentication on fast SQLite DB System. Composite Engine Proprietary selection and application of resources and automation. HTML5- based format for storing, playback, and sharing. Amazon S3 Server Architecture Utilizing Autoscaling, Lambda, CloudFront, ElastiCache, Route53, CloudWatch. Music Licensing Engine Pre-curated libraries with expansion to full integration to major labels. Amazon AWS Created with PHP, MySQL, EC2, ELB, and RDS. Treever Platform Architecture
  13. 13. THE ORCHARD Social Media Platforms are ripe for disruption. The linear, boxy, scrolling, bloated, ad-laced annoyance in 2-D that is our current experience will soon yield to new waves of highly creative alternatives . Participating in your social media rather than just consuming it is the future toward which Treever is oriented. In either AR, VR or smartphone holography, walking into “The Orchard” where your messages, music, content is an interactive engagement waiting for you in 3-D splendor will create a new standard. Treever will move the needle from transactional media to emotional media. I M M E R S I O N
  14. 14. Tr e e v e Sample treeve’s from our community of users… Gallery
  15. 15. DEVELOPMENT ROADMAP Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 User Acquisition Tech Requirements Revenue Marketing Strategic Partnerships IMPROVE U/I AI and Machine Learning Integration Licensing Deals and TreeverPro Crush and UMG initiatives Celebrities and Influencers
  16. 16. 5% 3% 5% 5% 14% 20% 48% 1st year projected needs $750,000 S FINANCE NEEDS (1st year) Curation Team $40,500k 59% Overhead $37,500k 23% Legal & IP $36,000k 10% Infrastructure $21,000k 9% Technical Team $360,000k 23% Licensing $150,000k 10% Marketing $105,000k 9%
  17. 17. 5% 3% 5% 5% 14% 20% 48% Monthly projected use of funds (burn rate) $62,500 S FINANCE NEEDS (monthly) Curation Team $3,375k 59% Overhead $3,125k 23% Legal & IP $3,000k 10% Infrastructure $1,750k 9% Technical Team $30,000k 23% Licensing $12,500k 10% Marketing $8,750k 9%
  18. 18. OUR PARTNERS