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Yuri e gabriele

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  1. 1. Geographical presentation • Texas is the second largest state in the USA after Alaska. • It is located in the southern part of the country. • Borders: Mexico, Lousiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico • The territory is for the most part flat
  2. 2. Cities • Houston • Dallas • Amarillo • Austin (capital city) • San antonio • Fort Worth • Galveston
  3. 3. Houston
  4. 4. Dallas
  5. 5. San Antonio
  6. 6. Fort worth
  7. 7. Austin Capital city
  8. 8. Galveston
  9. 9. What is in Texas?
  10. 10. Sport • Basket • American Football • Soccer • Baseball • Cycling • Rodeo
  11. 11. Basket • Texas has three basketball teams in the NBA: Houston Rockets, the San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks • San Antonio last year won the NBA
  12. 12. American football • Is the most popular sport in the State
  13. 13. Soccer
  14. 14. Baseball • The most important team are: the Texas Rangers (Dallas) and the Houston Astros
  15. 15. Cycling • Lance Amstrong won seven times the Tour De France
  16. 16. Rodeo , the national sport that shows the skills of cowboys with horses and cattle
  17. 17. hamburgers and barbecue. Almost all foods are made with spicy sauces: a combination of traditional mexican cuisine with american tastes. i piatti tipici del texas sono: hamburger, grigliate di carne, fagioli Quasi tutti i cibi sono a base di salsa piccante : la cucina texana mescola la cucina tradizionale messicana ai gusti americani